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STRONG Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory is a carefully-constructed questionnaire that inquires about a respondent's level of interest in a wide range of familiar items. For each of the 317 items, the respondent is asked to indicate his or her preferences from among three response categories. The answers are then analyzed by computer to derive scores on measures of interest, called scales. The results are printed on a report called a profile, which presents the scale scores in an organized format and offers interpretive information. Although the profile is largely self-explanatory, it is helpful to have assistance from a professional in guiding the respondent to an understanding of the scores and an interpretation of the scores.

The Strong uses a person's responses to the items and compares his or her pattern of responses to the patterns of responses of people of different types and in different occupations. The results of this comparison allows us to make assumptions about whether that individual is likely to find satisfaction in the work typically done in a given occupation.

There is a wealth of information available in your Strong results. Understanding your profile will help you find career focus and begin your career exploration. Your Strong results can be used to help you identify the following:

  • How you might find a job or career consistent with your likes and dislikes of the work world
  • How similar (or dissimilar) your interests are to the interests of people who are working in 109 occupations
  • Your leisure interests
  • Additional alternatives or options related to work or leisure-time activities for you to explore
  • General patterns in your interests
  • Work or learning environments that fit your interests
  • How your liking or disliking of risk taking and your preferences regarding leadership style might affect your options

The Strong does not measure your abilities. For example, while your results may suggest that you will like how engineers spend their day, the Strong does not tell you whether or not you have the mathematics aptitude needed to become an engineer.

The Strong is offered to enrolled members of Project Strive and is administered online at Project Strive enrolled participants must have a password, which they can obtain from their Strive Advisor, to be able to access the Strong online assessment. For more information or to take the online administration of the Strong, contact your assigned Strive Advisor at 432-6068.