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The MBTI is an instrument that is used to identify temperament type. Temperament is an aspect of an individual's general make-up, characterized by dispositions toward particular patterns of emotional reactions, mood shifts and levels of sensitivity. It is based on the work of Isabel Meyers and Katherine Briggs, and the personality theory of psychologist, Carl Jung. The MBTI identifies each individual as one of 16 types. Each type has individual and unique characteristics that are common among those identified as that type.

Type theory is based on the notion that people are highly formed at birth with different temperaments or dispositions and that by understanding one's type an individual is better able to apply themselves in learning, social and career situations.

Students enrolled in Project Strive are given the MBTI to assist them in better understanding themselves. Learning and career profiles that correspond to one's individual type are provided. Through completion students are able to gain a better understanding of their own learning style and how it applies to their individual goals for college, career and life in general.

All participants of Project Strive are expected to complete the MBTI. The assessment is offered online at You will be prompted for user identification and password information which is available through your Project Strive advisor. Students are encouraged to take the assessment as early as possible. For more information contact your assigned Strive advisor at 432-6068.