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Welcome to the Chadron State College policies website. All officially approved CSC policies and Nebraska State College System policies will be listed on this website, as well as the academic catalogs, all handbooks, and links to NSCS negotiated agreements. Any copies (print or online) of policies that are inconsistent with the official version hosted on this site should be disregarded. The most current version of a policy, catalog, and handbook will be found on this site.

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New and Revised Policies

Designated Smoking Areas - CSC Campus PolicyRevised10/27/2017
Nebraska State College System Organizational Chart (NSCS Board Policy 2550)Revised9/15/2017
Degree Programs; Chadron State College (NSCS Board Policy 4160)Revised9/15/2017
Degree Programs; Peru State College (NSCS Board Policy 4170)Revised9/15/2017
Degree Programs; Wayne State College (NSCS Board Policy 4180)Revised9/15/2017
Councils -- Board (NSCS Board Policy 2020)Revised9/15/2017
Equal Employment Opportunity (NSCS Board Policy 5000)Revised9/15/2017
Unclaimed Property; Uncashed Warrants and Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 7013)New9/15/2017
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Undergraduate)Revised9/11/2017
Alcohol and Drug PolicyNew9/11/2017
Sexual Violence or Sexual Harassment Reporting, Policies and Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 3020)Revised7/31/2017
Student Records (NSCS Board Policy 3650)Revised7/1/2017
Faculty Employees Excluded from the SCEA Bargaining Unit (NSCS Board Policy 5102)Revised7/1/2017
Support Staff Employees Excluded from the NAPE/AFSCME Bargaining Unit (NSCS Board Policy 5104)Revised7/1/2017
Professional Staff Employees Excluded from the NSCPA Bargaining Unit (NSCS Board Policy 5103)Revised7/1/2017
Information Security PolicyNew6/20/2017
Contracts; Limitations, Exemptions (NSCS Board Policy 7015)Revised6/16/2017
Capital Construction; Inspections; Substantial Completion; Final Completion (NSCS Board Policy 8069)Revised6/16/2017
Academic Program and Degree Requirements (NSCS Board Policy 4140)Revised6/16/2017
Anti-Harassment Policy (NSCS Board Policy 5007)Revised6/16/2017
Contracts; Sponsorships (Board Policy 7017)New6/16/2017