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Fulton named Student of the Month

April 4, 2017

CHADRON – Devin Fulton has been named the Project Strive/TRiO Student of the Month for March.

Fulton, a social science education major, said he has wanted to teach since he was in the sixth grade.

“I’ve always wanted to teach,” Fulton said. “If I was going to teach a subject, I wanted it to be something I was excited about.”

Fulton said he has chosen to pursue a career teaching middle schoolers.

“I want to be a positive, male role model for children, especially those who don’t have a positive, male role model in their life,” Fulton said.

Fulton took a year off from school after graduating high school. He spent the year trimming trees and said he benefited from his year away from education.

“The break helped me to mature, improve my work ethic and have a better understanding of what is at stake,” said Fulton.

Dr. Pat Beu, senior director of student affairs, realizes Fulton’s maturity.

“Devin Fulton is mature beyond his years,” Beu said. “He was an excellent student in my class, is focused on his goals and is motivated to be a successful college student.”

Fulton, a Glenrock, Wyoming, native, said he had heard of Chadron State College through a few of his high school teachers who were alumni. He decided to drive to Chadron and said the forest contributed to enrolling at CSC.

Fulton’s first year at CSC has proved to generate more likes than just the Ponderosa pines.

“I love my professors,” Fulton said.

Fulton’s favorite classes have been Intro to Teaching (EDUC 131) with Dr. Lorie Hunn and Composition I (ENG 135) with Dr. Nathaniel Doherty. Fulton said he really enjoys classes that include discussion and the perspective of the professors.

Fulton said he also likes that he is away from home.

“It gives me a chance to figure out who I am,” Fulton said. “It gives me a chance to be my best self.”

According to Fulton, CSC students Luis Hernandez and John Murphy have been positive influences.

Fulton interacts with Murphy when working for CSC Live Productions where Fulton works as a color commentator.

Fulton also keeps busy by staying involved with the Spring Daze committee and Upward Bound. He will be a team leader for Upward Bound this summer.

Fulton said he discovered Project Strive/TRiO during a New Student Orientation information fair.

“I thought it looked neat, and it is,” Fulton said.

Fulton said he appreciates that Project Strive/TRiO is designed to serve students. He also appreciates the humble, home-away-from-home feeling the program provides.

“We really enjoy having Devin in our program,” said Amanda Lewin, Project Strive/TRiO retention specialist.

“One of his best qualities is his willingness to try new things and help people,” Lewin said. “I look forward to watching him grow and reach his full potential.”

Fulton’s favorite Project Strive/TRiO activity is pet therapy. He also appreciates career and fitness planning events.

In his spare time, Fulton enjoys tie-dying T-shirts and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

—Kelsey Brummels, College Relations