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Student-created MAP has a nautical theme

December 9, 2014

Ashley Young
Ashley Young stands by a display case showcasing a nautical version of Chadron State College's Master Academic Plan Monday at the Reta King Library. (Photo by Shaun Wicen)

CHADRON – Ashley Young, a senior from Gordon, Nebraska, hasn’t let the fact she lives in a land-locked state limit her thinking. Or design inspiration, for that matter.

Young, who works at the Reta King Library, recently created a version of Chadron State College’s Master Academic Plan (MAP) with a nautical twist.

“When Susan Hines (associate vice president of teaching and learning technologies) asked me to come up with a version of the MAP she suggested a roadmap theme,” Young said. “I wanted it to stand out, though, and so that’s why I decided on a nautical theme.”

Young’s version, which took about three months to complete, is on display at the entrance of the library. Her design exhibits the MAP Purpose and CSC’s Signature Themes, among 10 other items. The information is accompanied by several traditional nautical icons, including boats, anchors and compasses.

“I grew up in Gordon but I was born in Tacoma, Washington,” Young said. “So, maybe my subconscious was telling me to use the nautical theme even though I live in Nebraska.”

Chadron State’s MAP, which was launched Aug. 16, 2013, at an all-campus meeting, represents the college’s commitment to academic and organizational goals. It reaffirms the Essential Studies Program Philosophy and the Graduate Studies Program Purpose, while advancing campus initiatives.

Young will graduate with a bachelor’s of arts degree Friday. She said she hopes to get a graphic design job in the spring or summer.

—Alex Helmbrecht, Director of College Relations