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CSC alumnus returns to campus with game trailer during Scholastic Contest

April 10, 2014

Dale Chaney
Dale Chaney

Dale “Bull” Chaney, a 1997 criminal justice graduate of Chadron State College, was back on campus Friday as the owner and operator of a mobile video game trailer, Dozers Games.

The Dozers Games trailer was sponsored by the CSC Campus Activities Board as one part of an entertainment package including horse-drawn wagon rides and other activities for students attending the annual Scholastic Contest.

Laure Sinn, coordinator of student activities, said she found out about Chaney’s trailer and previewed it with Lane Swedberg, CAB president, and Jake Rissler, Student Senate president, before the decision was made to add it as a new feature on the Scholastic Contest schedule.

CAB officers perused the catalog of titles prior to Dozers Games arriving at the Scholastic Contest and deemed some games as inappropriate for the event.

“We left a number of games home and that’s fine. It’s your party. If you say ‘no’ to a game it doesn’t get played,” Chaney said.

Chaney said positive comments from high school guests at Scholastic Contest included, “This would be a great idea for graduation,” “Oh, how cool is this,” “I so want this at my house” and others.

He kept an eye on the clock and walked through the trailer reminding contestants whenever another test was about to begin so they wouldn't miss a test.

The trailer features five screens inside and two outside. Thirteen game consoles include PlayStation 3, X Box360, Wii and Wii U.

Chaney is in the process of building additional games for outside the trailer for adults and others who aren’t interested in the electronic games.

The idea for the game trailer came from “Forbes” magazine. Chaney’s father saw an article about franchises projected to exceed 150% growth in the next 10 years. Game Truck was the franchise featured in the article which sparked the idea for Chaney to begin considering a similar business.

He was working for the Cherry County Sheriff’s department as a police canine officer at the time and let the idea simmer on the back burner for a few months.

Chaney served more than 15 years total as a law enforcement officer, certified fire fighter, Emergency Medical Technician and EMT instructor in three separate Panhandle communities before becoming a full-time entrepreneur.

When his middle daughter’s ninth birthday was approaching, his wife asked him to look up game ideas for her birthday party.

This request rekindled the game trailer plan as Chaney began more intensive research about all the possible game trailers options.

He finally made contact with Edward and Dana Gainer of Pinehurst, N.C. who had been affiliated with a franchise but left it to start building game trailers as their own independent business.

“There are over 74 of us that are affiliated, but we are not a franchise. No franchise fee and no fees afterward. Currently there are only three of us in Nebraska. We are all independent owners that support each other and we also support the Wounded Warrior Project. Specifically, I plan to donate a percentage of sales to the Nebraska Law Enforcement Memorial,” Chaney said.

When asked about his business name, Chaney said, “My last police dog was 'Dozer.' My wife, Stephanie, laughed about it due to my nickname being ‘Bull.’ So together we were bulldozer. It just stuck from there.”

Chaney has taken his mobile game trailer to the Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City, S.D. and also to Wyoming. He plans to be busy in the upcoming months with birthday parties, proms, homecomings, tailgating events and many others.

As a father of young children, Chaney said he follows the Entertainment Software Rating Board ratings.

“I know that many are worried about video games and the ages of those who can play. So if someone 13 or younger wants to play a teen or mature rated game, we only allow that with parental permission. We tailor the game party to your needs,” Chaney said.

Chaney, a Haxtun, Colo., native met his wife, Stephanie Forster of Gordon, Nebraska at CSC. Their first date was a free CAB movie.

“After that we went to McDonald’s for a value meal, so it’s a big joke in our family how cheap I was on our first date,” Chaney said

The couple has three children:  Emily, 13, Adrianna, 9, and Ryan, 5.

—Tena L. Cook, Interim Marketing Coordinator