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Chadron State College

April Fool's Day lecture to extol the virtues of change

March 20, 2014

The spring 2014 Graves Lecture Series will wrap up with a presentation by Dr. Susan Hines, associate vice president of Teaching  and Learning Technologies at Chadron State College. In her April Fool’s Day talk, Hines will address the virtues of change.

She arrived in Chadron in October a few days after Mother Nature dumped 12 inches of havoc-wrecking snow in western Nebraska.

Feeling immediately glad that the house she purchased went undamaged, she headed for the nearest hardware store and bought the last snow shovel in stock.

She is a Southerner by birth and asouthern Californian when she can be. The title of her talk is “Change is God: Thoughts on Life, Work, and Moving to Nebraska.

The presentation will be located in Room 108 of the King Library at 7 p.m. The Graves Lecture Series is free, open to the community and will be available via live streaming at

For further information, contact Shawn Hartman  308-432-6271 ext. 6150 or

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