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Students encouraged to seek help with academic issues

March 3, 2014

Victoria Volkman, Ponca, Neb., Graduate assistant for Student Academic Issues and Concerns.
Victoria Volkman, Ponca, Neb., Graduate assistant for Student Academic Issues and Concerns.

Not Sure? Just ask. That’s what Student Academic Issues and Concerns graduate assistant Victoria Volkman encourages students to do. 

Volkman helps undergraduate Chadron State College students, both online and on-campus, understand policies and procedures regarding class schedule overloads, course substitutions, advisor changes, grade appeals, requests for an incomplete grade and other academic issues and concerns. 

Although these policies can currently be found in the in the CSC student handbook, Volkman is using the position to reassure students that there is a person to talk to and interact with instead of trying to decipher the rules on their own.

She wants students to know that, as the person in the position, she is approachable and has a friendly face to greet them.

“I’m here and available for students and faculty who have questions about the processes for any academic issue. Even if you’re not sure who to talk with, contact me and there’s a chance I can help you get to the right place,” said Volkman.

She says that she helps about 25-35 students per semester. Volkman says students shouldn’t be intimidated or embarrassed about needing to ask a question or getting some help making sense of policies if they need it.

Her on-campus office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. in Old Admin 232A. She can be reached at studentconcerns@csc.eduif a student has any questions or needs assistance.

Volkman is from Ponca, Neb. She graduated from Midland University and has lived in Hawaii, Montana, and China. She is currently pursuing her masters in community and mental health counseling. Her time off campus is spent with her Labradoodle named Lilly, family, and friends. She also has an opinion about the Oxford comma.

The position was created in the fall of 2011 in collaboration with the deans and former Vice President for Administrative Affairs. Volkman is the second graduate student to occupy the position and plans are to continue the position after her time in the graduate position comes to an end.

—Frank Bright, College Relations Student Liaison