FYI class hosts inspirational speaker on campus

October 7, 2013

Mary Kay Mueller Mary Kay Mueller

Mary Kay Mueller, internationally renowned inspirational lecturer, spoke to Chadron State College students last week about the power of positive thinking.

Students enrolled in Dr. Kim Madsen’s First-Year Inquiry 169 X "Survival Skills 101 – Resources and Relationships" eight-week course hosted the free presentation as their class project.

The morning presentation focused on living a happy, healthy, and successful life by using the "Three Simple Secrets to Success.” During the presentation, Mueller referenced Chris Gardner's “The Pursuit of Happyness” movie and story as well as her own book, “8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change.”

Mueller focused on the power of being happy and encouraged the audience to think of three different things they are thankful for every day. Other secrets to her success include thinking a thought until one feels it, using one’s imagination, making goals and dreams, and taking risks.

She engaged the audience with interactive questions and activities such as inviting three members of the audience to attempt to stick straws through potatoes. Mueller used this example to show the power of the mind when thinking something is impossible or hard. She described the effect of thinking something so intensely until it feels like electricity in a lamp.

“I don’t understand why it works, it just does,” said Mueller.

Mueller gave three presentations throughout the day offering giveaways to members of the audience and selling her books. CSC students and faculty as well as community members and students from Alliance High School attended the presentations.

The Eight to Great High-Ways presentation included topics like getting the picture, taking risks, full responsibility, feelings, honest communication, forgiveness of the past, gratitude for the present, and hope for the future.

—Miranda Wieczorek, College Relations Liaison