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Chadron State College

Health Professions Showcase joining Eagle Open House

September 28, 2012

Many of the high school students attending Chadron State College’s next Eagle Open House on Monday, Oct. 8, will be thinking about careers in the health sciences.

That’s because the Eagle Open House, the event that gives potential students a special opportunity to learn more about CSC, has combined with the annual Health Professions Day, in which high school students visit the campus to learn the next steps in seeking a career in the health sciences.

Jill Mack, CSC director of health professions, and Seth Hulquist, CSC campus visit coordinator, said the merging of the Eagle Open House and the new Health Professions Showcase made sense.

Students interested in the health professions will take part in programming specific to their interests in the morning, and will join the Eagle Open House sessions during the afternoon.

The morning includes a variety of hands-on activities and a close look of the CSC cadavers. After lunch in the cafeteria, the students will take part in an instructional session for financial aid and the student Internet portal, in addition to a student panel and campus tours.

Mack said the merger has been popular, as the registration already exceeds the number of students who were signed up the day before Health Professions Day last year. That event was canceled, as many high schools cited budget concerns in the cost of bussing the students to Chadron.

Students who want to attend the Health Professions Showcase may register here. Others may sign up by clicking on the “Eagle Open House” image at The deadline is Thursday, Oct. 4.

—Justin Haag, CSC Information Services