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Careers in Mathematics

Mathematicians are in demand in a number of fields. Some students choose to pursue careers in actuarial science or statistics. Others focus on work in support of other scientists. Applications of statistics and data analysis are expanding to a broad spectrum of areas, from anthropology to zoology. Mathematicians find employment in business, industry, and government service. Problem solving skills and ability to create mathematical models are essential to many endeavors.

The Chadron State College mathematics program emphasizes Math Education and Statistics/Data Analysis. Graduates of the mathematical sciences program at CSC have chosen various paths. Examples include programming a super-computer in weather research, statistical analysis, mathematics research, and computer programming. Some have entered graduate programs, earning advanced degrees. Mathematics is the foundation of science and technology, making it a key to opportunity.

Endless Mathematics careers include:


  • Insurance Data Analyst
  • Actuarial Science
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Air-Traffic Scheduler
  • Mathematical Modeling in:
  • Population Growth Analyst
  • Economics Analyst
  • Social Problems Analyst


Carol Erion Carol Erion, Winfield, MO
Bachelor of Science - Mathematics 2007

“I really enjoyed teaching math to my girls,” she recalled. “That's when I started looking for a way to earn a degree in it.”
“It was the right move,” she said, “Everything went well.” She earned her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in spring 2007. She is now enrolled in the online Master of Arts program.
“I've got the perfect world now, as far as I'm concerned,” Erion said. “I can study during the day and tutor in the late afternoons and evenings. I can set my own hours, take time off when I want to and still get paid pretty well for tutoring.”


Tonia Vaughn Tonia Vaughn, Oceanside, CA
Master of Arts - Education, 2007

Tonia Vaughn, 30, a native of Jacksonville, FL, graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of South Florida in 1999. She then accompanied her husband, Quentin Vaughn, a U.S. Marine Corps officer, to Okinawa, Japan. While there she decided to seek a Master's degree and began searching for online college programs in Mathematics. She found that Chadron State College offered what she needed and began taking online courses from CSC in 2004.
Vaughn enrolled in two courses each semester and took a few in the summer. After completing the course work, she still needed to write her Master's thesis, which she said wasn't easy.
“Quentin ate a lot of cereal because I was too busy to cook,” she said with a grin. “I was on the phone a couple times a week to Dr. (Monty) Fickel, but we made it work.”
The degree helped Vaughn land a new job at Camp Pendleton, CA, where her husband is now stationed. The couple resides in Oceanside.