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UPS and Fed Ex arrive at the mail room between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Sometimes, online tracking will say that a package has arrived when it is still on the delivery truck. Our phone number is 432-6063 and students can always call to check if a package is here. We send out three email notices, usually every seven days. If a package is not picked up within 30 days, it will be returned to sender. Anything that is sent through the Post Office is taken directly to the dorms, it does not ever come to the mail room, exception is if the address only says 1000 Main St. (see FAQs for additional information) and the Post Office does not know which dorm it goes to. Only mail that can be sent out through the mail room is anything with a stamp already on it or a prepaid label for the packages. Students must have a picture ID to pick up their packages.

Faculty & Staff

Items may be mailed FED-Ex Express, UPS or USPS. We do not have an
account for Fed Ex Ground. Packages can be mailed Fed Ex ground with a prepaid label. Fed Ex Express requires a phone call to Fed Ex before 10 a.m. the morning it is to be mailed. The mail room can make that phone call or it can be done by the person mailing it. Fed Ex costs quite a bit more than UPS, so it should be mailed UPS if possible. UPS makes their last pickup around 3 p.m. and does not have to be called ahead of time. All items require a budget code. If no budget code is on the mailpiece, it will be left in the mailroom until a budget code is put on it. It would be very nice if departments would let us know what they are mailing and how they want it mailed when possible. Books, videos, DVDs and music can all be mailed at book rate which is much cheaper. We do not know what is in the sealed envelopes so sometimes we have to mail books at priority rate. Book rate cannot contain first class mail. Our postage meter will seal envelopes so if you have a large mailing it is much easier to run it through the machine. Everyone should try to get their bills and any correspondence addressed to the proper person or department.

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