E-books & Lost Student ID (Library) Cards

How to use Electronic Books (E-books)

How to report a lost student ID (and library) card

If the card has actually been lost, it is important that you report it immediately so that it cannot be used by another person in your name. If it has been destroyed or is worn out, you should arrange for a replacement as quickly as possible to insure that you have the card when you next need it.

  1. Go to Crites Hall Room 221, Student Services Office. Report the card lost and request a replacement. The card will be invalidated and a new one issued. There will be a small charge for making the new card.
  2. If you take your old card with you to have it replaced because it is in bad condition, you have had a name change, etc., a new card is issued without charge.
  3. Go to the Library Circulation Desk and present your new card. Request that the staff update the barcode on the new card. Because the old card has been invalidated, this must be done before the card becomes valid for future use.