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How Successful Students Prepare for Tests

Are you really doing everything you can to prepare for tests? Re-reading the chapter and looking over your notes is not enough.

Below is a list of tips for test preparation from successful students

  • Keep up to date with assignments.
  • Take notes in every class every day. This includes asking questions when you don’t understand.
  • Process information as you come to it. Learning information is much different than "becoming acquainted" with it.
  • Process information systematically. Labeling in the margin works well for most people.
  • Adapt it to suit your learning styles. Capitalize on the discipline labeling in the margin requires and make it a habit to process information from texts and lectures, not just go over it.
  • Have a study place that is free of distractions.
  • Have a specific time for initial study of each subject. You may need more than this time, but having a set time will save you time.
  • Make summary sheets, flash cards, and practice tests.
  • Always carry some kind of pocket work and make use of wasted spare minutes by reciting and thinking about what you are learning.
  • Learn something new or difficult in your strongest intelligence, sense, or in your dominant hemisphere. Reinforce it as many different ways as possible.
  • Find a study partner or two in each class and routinely take turns teaching each other the material.
  • Prepare for each class as if there will be a pop quiz.