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Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a proven and highly-effective way of improving student success. It is a special kind of teaching that complements, but is often quite unique from that performed by professors. Peer Tutors share with professors the goal of leading students toward independent learning. As a peer, the tutor will be an ally with the students, a teammate who guides or coaches them by sharing skills and knowledge as well as by communicating confidence and encouragement. Tutors will also serve as an example, showing how successful students approach academic challenges.

Chadron State College’s nationally-certified Peer Tutor program is designed to enrich a student’s academic and personal experience at CSC. Students are highly encouraged to use the program early to gain the greatest benefit.

Tutoring is a free service provided by the college and available to all CSC students.

Peer Tutors

Seated: Cheyenne Deering, Elizabeth Bourke, Garret Dockweiler, Jorge Flores, Sarah DeKay.
Back Row: Abby Gibson, Lane Swedburg, Justin German, Joslynn VanDerslice, Zach Pieper, Megan McLean, Hannah Clark, Dylan Bairn, Taylor Kerns, Amanda Bannan, Laura Cataldi.
Not Pictured: Nicky Banzhaf, Rebecca Beu, Nathaniel Brown, Lacey Clarke, Maggie Darnell, Daniel Regier, Kira Stuhr, Brianna Utley, Kale Lytle.

If you are interested in online tutoring, please contact us via e-mail or phone 308-432-6381 or 1-800-CHADRON and ask to be transferred to extension 6381.