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Enrollment Quick Facts

CSC Fact Book - Fall 2013 - October 15


Total Enrollment = 3,056 (2,432 Undergraduate, 624 Graduate)

Fall Incoming Class =  638 (463 Full-Time Freshmen, 175 Full-Time Transfers)

The 2,432 enrolled undergraduate students at CSC had the following characteristics:

Represented 22 countries including the U.S

Represented 43 states and Puerto Rico

 *62% of CSC students were from Nebraska, followed by Wyoming (10%), South Dakota (7%), and Colorado (8%)

Ranged in age from 17-82

75% of the undergraduates were under the age of 25

73% of the undergraduates were full-time students

Overall 45 percent were first generation college students

Of the full-time freshmen who submitted high school class rank, 71 percent were in the top half of their graduating class and 38 percent were in the top one-quarter

Of the full-time freshman who submitted ACT reports, 32 percent scored 25 or above on the composite ACT and the top ACT composite score equaled 31

Average ACT score of full-time freshman was 22.1, compared to a national average of 20.9.

Student/faculty ratio was 19 to 1 for Fall 2013 semester (Fall 2013 Instructional Load Report)