Self Study Steering Committee


Tuesday, June 6, 2006

10:00 a.m.

North Platte Room

Student Center


              I.      Self-study writing update

a.       Review executive summaries, full summaries, Veath will combine the summaries and past 2-years of steering committee information and, with help from Swanke, will write rough draft this summer

b.      Combine all evidence collected for evidence room

c.       Next meeting will be in August after the first week of classes to review rough draft

d.      Study will be written with summaries of strengths, weaknesses, and plans for remediation after each Criterion

e.       Electronic study will contain hot links to evidence documents

f.        Plan for remediation in Fall will focus on quick fixes and long-term plans for big-term problems – i.e., assessment

g.       Then in January before sending study to printers, Veath will include a section of progress so far for plans of remediation

           II.      Today

a.       Go through plans in small groups and sort through recommendations that are quick fixes and long-term plans

b.      We’ll then come together and discuss

c.       Discussion will help Park decide on continuing funding for Vision 2011 for the gap analysis being conducted now

d.      August will focus on how to get word out to and input from campus and external constituents and then put together the campaign to prepare

e.       April visit: NSCS board will be on campus the Thursday and Friday before team visit

f.        Next May we’ll receive the team draft and administration will look for errors in fact, submit report and go from there

g.       Most schools are getting 2-year focus visits, so be prepared

         III.      Team visit

a.       Park received the list for team members

b.      Review of List

c.       Kearney had accreditation last year and has a focus visit scheduled

d.      Areas that we’ve requested consultations

                                                               i.      Distance learning

                                                             ii.      Student services

        IV.      Naming electronic files

a.       Pass out notes from HLC meeting (handout)

b.      Time-stamp review

c.       In area for submitter’s title, put last name rather than title

d.      Veath had meeting with Don Anderson yesterday who will look up best practices for submission on Web

e.       E-mail – how to flag

                                                               i.      Keim will build a list for everyone for e-mail

                                                             ii.      all correspondence will be e-mail, all documents will be electronic

f.        Back in time

                                                               i.      Day-to-day assessment

1.      Go back 3 to 5 years

                                                             ii.      Go back 10 years for big movements – i.e., areas of concern from last visit, major committees, faculty senate

                                                            iii.      Snapshot in time will show trends from last 3 to 5 years

g.       All documents should be sent to Veath and copied to Keim for backups

h.       Let units know that if a hardcopy is only available, it needs to be scanned

i.         A high-speed production scanner is available in Administration Building that can scan 180 pages/minutes, double side

           V.      Review of Reports

a.       Academic Affairs (handout)

                                                               i.      Swanke at PBL conference

                                                             ii.      Kuhnel filling in

                                                            iii.      Identified some problems

                                                           iv.      Registrar and Visual and Performing Arts needs to be reviewed

                                                             v.      Widely-varied mission statements

1.      Should say what we do, not what we strive for

2.      Suggestion – hold a workshop for each academic to review mission statements and how to link them to College’s statement

3.      Dean candidates with HLC experience mentioned how it was needed and how to connect

4.      Revising mission statements with the new catalog in order to revamp mission statements due in November to have done for printing catalog in March

                                                           vi.      Need authors of answers to fill in gaps of report – not all the answers were complete

1.      Fill in gaps before sending to Veath

                                                          vii.      Criterion 2

1.      Plans don’t link well or at all to Vision 2011

                                                        viii.      Criterion 3

1.      Re-think storage and collection of data

2.      Centralized location accessible to everyone and backed up

                                                           ix.      Criterion 4

1.      Sources got a little lazy.  Answers need clarification and evidence

                                                             x.      Criterion 5

1.      Similar to Criterion 4

b.      Student Affairs (handout)

                                                               i.      Full executive summary and summary of each criterion

                                                             ii.      Student affairs was a big one lacking in last visit, so the in-depth approach will be beneficial

                                                            iii.      Focused on programs rather than reports

                                                           iv.      Questions answered as fully as possible, but some questions not applicable to Student Affairs

                                                             v.      Review of document “Final Report – Student Affairs” (handout)

1.      Diversity

a.       Roweton’s Hispanic initiative should be touched on

b.      Native American have been touched because of Vision 2011

c.       Diversity committee and Admissions compiles a list of conferences attended

d.      Diversity Report

e.       Might be under Administrative Affairs because under Kara Vogt

                                                           vi.      Review of Advising Center


a.       Advising survey had large response – students say no, they don’t know about it, but those who do know speak highly of the center

b.      solution – Can be relocated easily to a more prominent area

c.       Automated answering system also a hindrance

d.      Minor details may create barriers and effect retention rates

e.       Sharon Rickenbach has also done a survey

f.        Strength is also the institutional support for faculty who participate

g.       Problem – Native American Welcome Day and faculty support is from Vision 2011 that without wouldn’t exist

                                                          vii.      Athletics

1.      Need to be addressed:

a.       Intramurals – under PAC – will be given a structure under new director

b.      Summer Camps


a.       Park and Board of Trustees report athletes graduate at a higher rate than non-athletes (10%) and higher than other RMAC members

b.      Data warehouse and OIR is place that data for comparisons can be mined

c.       Brad Smith puts together a report for NCAA for athlete performance

                                                        viii.      Enrollment


a.       Structure will change come July 1st re-organization

b.      Strength could be the structure changes and interfacing

                                                           ix.      Financial Aid


a.       New portal may help

                                                             x.      Health Services

                                                           xi.      Housing and Residential Life

1.      Is a process to report red-flag behaviors – Early Alert System – under S. Rickenbach

2.      Not always easy to contact student because they’re not required to cell phone numbers and don’t have home numbers

3.      RA’s instead of organizing events, maybe more of peer academic advisors

                                                          xii.      Supplemental Instruction feedback is very positive

                                                        xiii.      Transfer Guides

1.      Four-year templates

a.       Available, but needs to be revised and easier to find – Quick Fix

                                                        xiv.      Trio Program

1.      Graduate school seminars should be campus-wide, could also help beef up our graduate programs

                                                         xv.      Tutoring Program

1.      Use of data all need to be figured

c.       Administrative Affairs (handout)

                                                               i.      Dale Grant has taken over for Roweton and Hoffman who left

                                                             ii.      HVAC

1.      How far should it be broken down in units

a.       building facilities separate from safety/security

                                                            iii.      Computer services

1.      Is there a strategic plan?

2.      C.S. does have an inventory of all computers and how frequently they need to be replaced

3.      Need to find out if they have a strategic plan or if they need to be pushed to come up with a long-term plan

4.      Need an advisory board to help with planning and implementing plan

a.       look at all committees for one that is focused on technology to serve as an advisory board

b.      Grant and Park will work on coming up with a plan, converse with IT, but final decision is administrative

                                                           iv.      Business Services et al

1.      Lots of feedback but little way of recording info

2.      Mission statements needed

3.      More involved with Vision 2011 and a part of campus

4.      May need to bring in assessment consultants like Student Affairs did last year with funding under Vision 2011

5.      Proof sheets under Print Shop to include small survey

                                                             v.      HLC is requiring Federal compliance so we’ll put together a spreadsheet for formal student complaints

                                                           vi.      NOCUBO has a formatted set of standards for Administrative Affairs for how to gather and how to use

                                                          vii.      Rhine has introduced flow chart

        VI.      Break for Lunch

a.       Review in small groups for long-range and short-term improvement

      VII.      HLC Academy for helping institutions learn how to assess

a.       Intensive training

b.      file reports

c.       presentation at HLC annual conference

d.      May replace/substitute focus reports

e.       room for between 5 and 12 attendees

f.        CSC has applied for pioneer academy

g.       Cost has been budgeted into accreditation budget

   VIII.      Consultants

        IX.      Redoing accreditation website

           X.      Mission statements

        XI.      Deadlines will become more set as visit gets closer