Self Study Steering Committee


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

10:00 a.m.

North Platte Room

Student Center


              I.      Review Agenda (handout)

           II.      Dr. Park information about self-study visit

a.       5 evaluators

b.      List will be run by Hardy, Rankin, and Veath to decide if there’s a conflict of interest with the evaluators

c.       One on the list is a dean finalist – been replaces with CFO from Kearney

d.      Some from New Mexico, Michigan, and North Dakota and all from similar institutions

e.       HLC will now contact group and there may/may not be schedule conflicts so there might be changes in the team still

f.        Park will send list to SSSC

g.       Questions

                                                               i.      Does HLC try for at least one in-state person?

1.      Unknown, they just try to match similar institutions

         III.      Subcommittee Reports – Criterion 5

a.       Administrative Affairs

                                                               i.      Roweton has done a summary of all information received so far (handout)

                                                             ii.      What was submitted and what has an analysis of strengths and weaknesses is based on documentation thus far

                                                            iii.      Lots of documentation, but not well organized yet

                                                           iv.      Discuss at June meeting organization of materials

b.      Student Affairs

                                                               i.      Criterion 3 is done

                                                             ii.      Criterions 4 and 5 are 75% done

                                                            iii.      By the end of the month, group will have it all done and to Veath

                                                           iv.      Ready to sit down by June meeting to discuss

c.       Academic Affairs

                                                               i.      Group will have it all done by end of the month

                                                             ii.      Committee can go over by June meeting

        IV.      What’s needed for June meeting

a.       Lots of evidence and summarize it all

b.      Organization of evidence room

                                                               i.      On Tuesday, May 30, some committee members will meet with Academic Vice President of South Dakota School of Mines to go over their accreditation

                                                             ii.      Evidence and self-study will be both paper and electronic

                                                            iii.      Electronic self study will have hotlinks to the evidence

                                                           iv.      If any group needs to digitize files, there is a high-speed scanner in Administration Building

1.      Mathewson summer responsibilities

                                                             v.      Room 242 Admin is set up as evidence workroom

                                                           vi.      Send evidence in 2 sets – digitized and need to be digitized

           V.      Review self study from the University of St. Thomas (handout)

        VI.      Web address for accreditation site –

      VII.      Miami University is a good self-study source – available on accreditation site

   VIII.      Self-study conclusion

a.       Strengths, weaknesses, recommendations

b.      Recommendations don’t mean much without action

c.       May need to sit with subgroups for improvements

d.      highlight areas for Veath and Swanke to highlight in the study - i.e., budgeting and strategic planning

e.       In the fall, we’ll need to engage campus to make plans for changes

f.        In January, we’ll add a section at the end of each chapter for success so far

g.       Park is working with Vision 2011 committee to focus on gap areas and planning for fix-its

h.       HLC is moving us into continuous improvement model

        IX.      June meeting

a.       Focus on one criterion at a time and what are the strengths, weaknesses, and what do the subcommittee want to do

b.      Study will be written up in August and sent to executive staff for review at the staff retreat

c.       Subcommittees are good ambassadors of accreditation

d.      Veath will meet with Don Anderson, Web master, to review and update accreditation site

e.       Executive summaries of assessment reports will be posted on site by Kristal Kuhnel

f.        End of June will be trip to SDSM

                                                               i.      RSVP with Keim to get food count

           X.      Questions/comments

a.       Assessment reports

                                                               i.      Working on electronic file of assessment reports and plans, Bahr is writing summary

                                                             ii.      Entire reports will not be on site for privacy reasons, but evidence room will have complete reports

b.      Files

                                                               i.      NCATE concerns – there were so many copies of NCATE generated at different times that there were outdated hard copies floating around.  Hard copies need to be directly from electronic file

                                                             ii.      HLC conference discussed how to name files in order to keep the most up-to-date one.  Veath will dig out her notes to discuss at the next meeting

c.       Assessment plans

                                                               i.      Crouse cannot find her school’s assessment plans

1.      Veath has them

                                                             ii.      Hardy took assessment reports and sent them to Roweton to be filed

                                                            iii.      Hardy, Veath, Kuhnel, Swanke, and Mathewson will get together to talk about past reports and filing

d.      Other

                                                               i.      Can naming format from HLC be given campus-wide?

                                                             ii.      Johnson Calamari has resigned, but new president is in in the summer and he’ll be invited

e.       What information from Committee is still needed?

f.        Constituents

                                                               i.      Get some input from our external constituents

                                                             ii.      Survey our constituents

                                                            iii.      May be our biggest weakness

                                                           iv.      Specialized areas – there are external influences

                                                             v.      Revisit Carnegie Corporation

                                                           vi.      Thought it was internal vs. external (few guidance counselors, not large enough body)

                                                          vii.      Clarus did it several years ago

                                                        viii.      Krepel did a few focus groups

                                                           ix.      Have done some external surveys, but not systematic

                                                             x.      May be a new plan for how to make it systematic

                                                           xi.      Park’s been conversing with various community members to get perceptions of CSC – to be recorded

                                                          xii.      TASK Force Development is interactive

                                                        xiii.      Institutionalize programs we’ve done sporadically

        XI.      For June meeting

a.       Want evidence – electronic and hard

b.      Detailed reports

c.       Executive summaries

d.      Go through criterion by criterion

e.       Convert recommendations into a plan to address in the Fall

f.        Can add to self study “progress so far”

g.       Look at assessment website – some studies have done case studies in order to give more hard evidence

h.       Veath will bring standardized naming for files

i.         Deans, Kuhnel, Swanke will have a writers meeting