Self Study Steering Committee


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

4:00 p.m.

North Platte Room

Student Center


              I.      Review Agenda (handout)

           II.      Subcommittee reports

a.       Academic Affairs

                                                               i.      Working on Criterion 4

                                                             ii.      Only have 2 units back so far

1.      Limbach’s report is very good

2.      Business and Economics is in-sync

                                                            iii.      Other units will be in after the summer

1.      Veath – reports are needed in before summer

                                                           iv.      Discussion

1.      NCATE looked at every student learning outcome

2.      General studies has a plan for Academic Review

a.       Will have student learning outcomes with measurable criteria for General Studies

3.      Social Work and NCATE are very specific

4.      Recommendations from Federal Government say to do away with regional accreditation and make it Federal

a.       Regional accreditation is seen as too easy – no one ever gets turned down

b.      Tougher accreditation now

c.       Those (institutions) that had done way more assessment were getting 3 year visits in a row.

b.      Student Affairs

                                                               i.      Executive summaries for Criterions 1 and 2 are completed

                                                             ii.      Criterion 3 is missing a few units

                                                            iii.      Criterions 4 and 5 are due from the units by April 26

                                                           iv.      Who’s going to be leaving for the summer and how do subcommittees get in contact?

1.      If you’re leaving, let people know the summer contact

                                                             v.      After evidence collection and analysis, identify what are critical areas and make plans

c.       Administrative Affairs

                                                               i.      Criterion 4 questions 1 and 2 (professional development and scholarly activities) are done.

         III.      Timeline

a.       Try to stick to original timeline

b.      Criterion 5 is due in May

c.       In June, plans of action based on findings need to be done

                                                               i.      Needs to be done even after June, but before self study is written which needs to be to visiting team by February

d.      Look for things to be funded through Vision 2011 for Fall

e.       Self-Study plan review

f.        Not the only conversation until Fall

g.       June will be about:

                                                               i.      For the end of self-study’s chapters, identify strengths, weaknesses, plans for improvement, and plan timeline that will begin to be implemented in the Fall

                                                             ii.      Team wants to see implementations

                                                            iii.      On-going, quality improvements

                                                           iv.      Accrediting bodies need at least two semesters’ worth of assessment per unit

                                                             v.      Plans should feed into Vision 2011 committee

                                                           vi.      Need to reinforce that strategic planning drives the budget, not vice versa

h.       Communication on:

                                                               i.      doing

                                                             ii.      falling short/behind

                                                            iii.      Next step for June

        IV.      Changes

a.       Analysis is not criticism, just facts

b.      Get subcommittees together at the end of May to discuss findings

c.       Case studies

                                                               i.      Hoping to use case studies in the self-study

                                                             ii.      An example of a unit doing a good job of assessment and one that’s struggling and what we’re doing to improve it

d.      work will pick up in the fall

e.       Maybe meet with Vision 2011 committee to collaborate

           V.      Comments/Concerns

a.       None

        VI.      HLC Conference

a.       Large emphasis on measurability

b.      Institutions can request to have specialists on team to act as consultants for weaker groups

c.       Politics

                                                               i.      The norm is becoming conditional accreditation

                                                             ii.      HLC needs to appear stringent

                                                            iii.      Accreditation process is a lot of work just to get someone off your back – need to find ways of implementing assessment throughout institution

                                                           iv.      Federal hearing on ridding accreditation in Boston

1.      Questions about measurability by presidential commission

2.      Students wanted to know why school costs so much

3.      cost/benefit analysis

      VII.      Meeting Dates

a.       After grades are due on the 7th or 8th of May

b.      Tuesday at 4:00 still work?

                                                               i.      Yes

c.       May 16 at 4:00 p.m. for final reports

d.      June Meeting

                                                               i.      4:00 not work

                                                             ii.      Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.

                                                            iii.      Longer meeting to discuss findings and analysis

                                                           iv.      May do lunch

                                                             v.      Thom Swanke will be gone so Academic Affairs will need someone to report

                                                           vi.      Many units will still be on Criterion 5

                                                          vii.      Share executive summaries with group

                                                        viii.      Send to Keim at least one day in advance to make copies

   VIII.      Chicago

a.       Much further along than many colleges

b.      Been doing assessment for the past three years

c.       Creating a culture of assessment

                                                               i.      Other colleges haven’t gotten into assessment until self study

                                                             ii.      Goal of HLC