Self Study Steering Committee


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

4:00 p.m.

North Platte Room

Student Center


              I.      Review Agenda (handout)

           II.      At the last meeting some reports were not in – get them in at any time before June

         III.      Assessment reports are on file, but if summarized it will lessen the burden

        IV.      Come back in Fall and start on informing the campus

           V.      Subcommittee Reports – Criterion 3

a.       Student Affairs – Hyer

                                                               i.      Finishing Criterions 1 and 2.

                                                             ii.      So far executive summary is 11 pages

                                                            iii.      Copy to Veath and Mathewson

                                                           iv.      Half of Criterion 2 do not have executive summaries yet, but be done within the next week

                                                             v.      Criterion 3 not done

                                                           vi.      Assessment plans and reports are due in October, so assessment will be updated by then

                                                          vii.      All units worked on assessment results, Criterion 3 is nuts and bolts of the self study.

                                                        viii.      Start working on Criterions 4 and 5

b.      Assessment website will include assessment plans and executive summaries of the reports

                                                               i.      Executive Summary vs. entire reports

1.      Executive summary will do

2.      Entire plans, though

3.      If executive summary has not been done, say it’s not been done

4.      Review of departments – if problems exist, identify them to work on

5.      Executive summaries will allow focus

c.       Evidence Room

                                                               i.      Take a classroom in Administration Building and lay out information.

d.      Student Affairs, cont’d

                                                               i.      Admissions, Athletics, Registrar

1.      Are learning outcomes from many units or can they be life skills from the classroom and/or co-curricular units?

2.      Not all of the questions 1-5 apply to all units

3.      Admissions is question 6 mostly (unit’s contribution to effective learning environment)

e.       Administrative Affairs – Hoffman

                                                               i.      Criterions 1 and 2

1.      14-page analysis/reaction

                                                             ii.      Criterion 3

1.      Only question 6 applies, have 3 or 4 out of 8 units returned

                                                            iii.      Is Foundation included?

1.      Yes

                                                           iv.      There are 2 or 3 units that have self assessment

      f.   Discussion

                                                             v.      Case studies

1.      at HLC workshop, case studies were used and were effective

2.      rather than bulleted lists, have a case study example

3.      To all subs – anything you see as an outstanding example, use it

                                                           vi.      March 31, HLC conference and self-study workshop attendees

1.      Cousin, Crouse, Park, Rhine, Roweton, Swanke, Veath

g.  Academic Affairs – Swanke

                                                          vii.      1 administrative group didn’t have anything reported except question 6 and didn’t think it needed to

1.      Have a conversation with the unit

2.      All units do play a role in campus environment – don’t want it to look non-essential

3.      student outcome from Registrar should be getting the degree

4.      Student satisfaction and faculty satisfaction surveys

                                                        viii.      Thanks for executive summaries

                                                           ix.      People are still reporting in

        VI.      Criterion 4

a.       Question 1: What professional development or training activities have members of your unit participated in over the past five years? Please list by categories the types of activities and the number of participants for each. Have Vision 2011 funds supported any of these activities?

                                                               i.      For faculty will be tough because so many activities

                                                             ii.      Used to have office assistants report and keep track every year of who did what

                                                            iii.      Professional Association will have records

                                                           iv.      Will have the new faculty describe past activities from before coming to Chadron

b.      Question 2: What scholarly activities, including the taking of courses at the college, have members of your unit participated in over the past five years? Please list by categories and number of participants; and Question 3: How does your unit assess the effectiveness of General Studies courses with which you are involved?

                                                               i.      Primarily academic

c.       Question 4: How does your unit integrate the learning outcomes of General Studies into your programs and courses that are not specifically required in G.S.?

                                                               i.      Can relate to Health Services because of health requirements

d.      Question 5: Has your unit updated any courses or services to reflect a more global, diverse or technological society? If so, how were these modifications related to the annual review of your program or to recommendations of an external advisory board?

                                                               i.      Do have a lot of evidence previously gathered

e.       Discussion on questions

                                                               i.      Questions listed are not required, just came up with based on Criterion

                                                             ii.      Could Questions 1 and 2 be a matrix – yes

                                                            iii.      Are names needed? – Duplicated headcount

                                                           iv.      Each year or lump together?

1.      Go back only 5 years though it’s unclear how far to go back

                                                             v.      Professional and supplemental also involved

                                                           vi.      How much training? How specific should it be?

1.      Key areas – diversity technology

2.      Area of interest

3.      Go to student services or Cousin to get more information

                                                          vii.      Areas to find information - Absentee permission forms

1.      In Keim’s office

2.      Also within the department may be easier

3.      Human resources for on-campus training

4.      Faculty also keep track for their resumes – evidence?

5.      PAR – confidential

6.      Professional portfolios

7.      Veta’s for evidence room

8.      get started now to get all of the information

                                                        viii.      With 50% turnover rate, numbers alone won’t be accurate

                                                           ix.      Human Resources will have information

                                                             x.      Use other accreditation (NCATE, etc)

                                                           xi.      Update Veta’s

                                                          xii.      Questions 1 and 2 relate, 3 and 4 relate

                                                        xiii.      General Studies Review Committee meets next week

                                                        xiv.      Even if general education is not in your department, look at how it is incorporated

      VII.      Timeline

a.       HLC convention next week

b.      April 18 meeting will cover Criterion 4

c.       After finals week, Criterion 5

d.      June meeting will discuss what was found, how to improve, what is working/not working, and have discussion

   VIII.      Next meeting April 18, 2006

        IX.      Questions?

a.       None