Self Study Steering Committee


Thursday, February 16, 2006

4:00 p.m.

Ponderosa Room

Student Center


I.              Review Agenda (handout)

II.           Members attending conference in Chicago

a.       Cousin, Crouse, Park, Rhine, Roweton, Swanke, Veath

b.      Members will also meet with Ingrid Walker, our HLC Representative

c.       Depart?

                                                               i.      Some will be leaving Friday, some Saturday

                                                             ii.      Deb Keim is taking care of arrangements

III.         Assessment overview

a.       Not just about collecting data, but about analyzing

b.      Also needing an executive summary defining the strengths and weaknesses

c.       Pass out handout from Rankin from Minnesota-Mankato (handout)

                                                               i.      Rankin said packet helped the team make better, more focused set of questions and had a better informed campus

                                                             ii.      Will need to inform campus about self-study/accreditation starting in the fall and working into the spring

IV.        Academic Affairs

a.       Didn’t get all 14 units – only 12

b.      Not enough time to do analysis

c.       Criterion 1 questions

                                                               i.      Of 12 units that reported back, all have mission statements either in catalog or online

1.      Unsure about what a mission statement is, committee will need to find out if these are all true mission statements

                                                             ii.      Not always able to find unit’s statements

                                                            iii.      Some units stretch for diversity

d.      Criterion 2 questions

                                                               i.      Relation to Vision 2011

1.      A little overboard

2.      Not clear how it relates to Vision 2011, maybe because Vision is so new

                                                             ii.      Assessment of plans and initiatives

                                                            iii.      Initiatives related to regional demographics

1.      Some units do, some don’t – could be not all of the units need to have it

e.       Executive summary

                                                               i.      Not written yet

                                                             ii.      Veath – Summary is important and useful and can be added to the evidence room

f.        Comments

                                                               i.      Crouse – All kinds of planning happens, but it’s all short-termed, no strategic planning

                                                             ii.      Seen as a gap and will go into part of restructuring, also need to recognize the financial constraints

                                                            iii.      Park – We do have time to fill in the gaps – we can recognize and make progress

                                                           iv.      Bahr – HLC wants to see that we can recognize gaps and make steps toward improving. That’s what they want to see and that’s what the self-study is all about

                                                             v.      Making changes

1.      The self-study will be written this summer, but there is still time to change

2.      Each unit could flag their holes and Veath can look and find out who can fill them

                                                           vi.      Some of the answers to the criterion question are so vague - Is it up to the units to re-vamp or is it on Veath to sort through?

1.      Both – Veath will refine, but if something is so far off it will be taken back to the unit to refine

                                                          vii.      Define each unit or lump it all?

1.      Any kind of analysis would be great, self-study writers just don’t want to be handed a pile of evidence to sort through.

V.           Administrative Affairs

a.       Mission statement is there, but should be available on the Web site

                                                               i.      Should be a template so units know what should go in a mission statement

b.      HLC notes scanning – template on how a group can set up strategic planning

c.       Responses to diversity – weakness is answering are our students learning and how are they doing it?

d.      Comments

                                                               i.      Is scanning part of feedback from employees? – yes

                                                             ii.      Rather than a template for mission statement, perhaps questions

                                                            iii.      Research and service lack academic mission statements – only talk about teaching

1.      Useful for both, but mostly about how students are learning, but research and preparedness of faculty does effect student learning

                                                           iv.      Mission should start as college statement, branch out to other areas to fit, is this how units are doing this? – so-so, it’s apparent units are trying

VI.        Student Affairs

a.       No executive summary yet

b.      Collected from all 7 units, between 3-4 pages each. Gone through and picked strengths

c.       Student health services has no mission statement – should we tell them to make one?

                                                               i.      Does this committee want to take that on or pass to someone else?

                                                             ii.      Maybe single mission statement for administrative, academic, and student affairs

                                                            iii.      Fear is that if committee becomes the police, people may fear getting the blame, getting in trouble and make up the answers and cover up.  Then when the team comes problems will be uncovered

                                                           iv.      Maybe sending executive summaries to unit heads and they can make the decision to change

                                                             v.      Work within divisions to strengthen areas, then they can decide whether each unit needs a mission statement or if the whole body should lump one

                                                           vi.      Mission-driven institution can have a mission statement, but the real issue is if it’s followed through

d.      Next step is to get together and get the executive summary done

VII.      Making changes

a.       If the college makes changes, is that going to be okay with the HLC team?

b.      Accreditation is a lot about results, not just about “gonna-do’s”

c.       We don’t want to say everything is perfect when it’s not

VIII.   Missing links

a.       Athletics, alumni office, college relations seem to be left out

b.      Athletics definitely should be in Student Affairs

c.       Alumni is under external funding and scholarships

d.      College Relations under Academic Affairs

e.       Foundation?

                                                               i.      Should each unit call Foundation up to ask what the office has done for that unit?

                                                             ii.      Dr. Park will review criterion to see where Foundation fits

f.        Student Senate? – Form of governance and already in Administrative Affairs report

g.       Faculty Senate? – More under Academic

h.       CAB – Student Affairs

IX.        Get criterion in and sent to division heads early, by fall it may be too late to make changes

X.           Criterion 3

a.       Already good start on it

b.      Even student health services has a part in it

c.       Get an inventory – Veath will make copies from Academic and Student affairs of what units are in now

d.      The info being collected for the Web site will answer first three questions for Academic and Student affairs

e.       Will also need for Administrative Affairs what’s been done with College Assessment Committee

f.        Each unit – it is program or department? – has to go down to the smallest unit that makes sense

XI.        Fun stuff

a.       Coming up with a theme

b.      Homer the Learned Coyote = HLC

                                                               i.      Fears that it’s too “cutsie” would turnoff participation

XII.      Next meeting

a.       Tuesdays work best, later afternoon

b.      Tentative meeting date of Tuesday, March 21, 2006, at 4 p.m.