College Assessment Committee


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

2:00 p.m.

Computer Training room

Miller Hall


Members present:                                 Members Absent:

Don Anderson                                      Kathy Bahr

Mary Jo Carnot                                    Robert Stack

Margaret Crouse                                  Lois Veath

Monty Fickel

Don King

Toni Mathewson

Sam Rankin

William Roweton

Steve Taylor



I.                    Review of revised Web site

a.       Bottom half of left-hand column less vital

b.      Under co-curricular functions

                                                               i.      Why not list under units?

                                                             ii.      Student outcomes – academic advising, career and placement services, library

                                                            iii.      There are more programs than what is under extended campus

                                                           iv.      Individual administrator is responsible for assessment benefit of organization

                                                             v.      Physical facilities change to “Support Function”

1.      Either 3rd under person PR or in co-curricular

c.       Under each unit

                                                               i.      Objectives

                                                             ii.      External standards

                                                            iii.      Client satisfaction

                                                           iv.      Student outcomes

d.      Under each department

                                                               i.      Personnel – names, photos, title

1.      Photographs

a.       Decide on photos of each faculty, department head, or none at all

                                                             ii.      Programs offered

1.      What are we assessing?

2.      Make sure the answer is on the site

3.      Things that aren’t assessed lead to questioning why not

e.       General studies

                                                               i.      Should placement be under Arts and Sciences? or under each department that has general studies?

                                                             ii.      Problem with the current layout:

1.      “Out in Siberia”

f.        Arts and Sciences

                                                               i.      General Education and Honors program

g.       Graduate and Professional Studies

                                                               i.      Graduate program

h.       Under programs there needs to be a contact person

i.         Assessment history

                                                               i.      History is not lost, but the deans and heads don’t have them

                                                             ii.      How much history is needed?

1.      Should find as much as possible, but not spend too much time on it – the new developing plan should be the main focus

j.        Each program matrix is on the Web site

k.      When will deans meet with department head to sort out?

                                                               i.      Roweton will present to executive staff this week

l.         Anything in the area not mentioned or incorrect, let Don Anderson, Webmaster, know

II.                 Institutional Plan

a.       Next meeting January 25, 2006

b.      The draft needs to be worked on

c.       Unclear – instruction has caused some of the change

d.      Under communications – how are student reports shared?

                                                               i.      Answer: They’re not

III.               For next meeting

a.       Pair up into groups and review separate components

                                                               i.      Groups

1.      Characteristic of effective student assessment

a.       Rankin, Roweton

2.      Annual reports

a.       Fickel, Stack

3.      Schedule of assessment event

a.       All members

4.      participating units

a.       Weakness is co-curricular

b.      Crouse, King, Taylor

5.      Web site

a.       Carnot, Roweton