College Assessment Committee


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

2:00 p.m.

Computer Training room

Miller Hall

Members present:                                 Members Absent:

Don Anderson                                      Don King

Kathy Bahr                              

Mary Jo Carnot

Margaret Crouse

Monty Fickel

Toni Mathewson

Sam Rankin

William Roweton

Robert Stack

Steve Taylor

Lois Veath

I.        Accreditation Web site

A.     Don Anderson, Webmaster, has begun to build the accreditation Web site

B.     At some point there will be a link to an HLC site to connect the two sites.

C.     HLC is promoting the idea that much of the accreditation information needs to be available to the team beforehand and electronic is the easiest way.

D.     Web site layout

1.      curricular departments and co-curricular replace academic and non-academic

2.      show how non-academic is playing a part in student learning outcomes

3.      Curricular departments

·        10 departments

·        Dr. Fickel has shared math department information so we know how things will be laid out

4.      Top part is more general studies, 2nd part is more department specific


·        Need to create a standard way of looking at layout

·        Might want to sort by years to illustrate the growth and evolution

·        Also want to put in departmental annual reports

a.       Bring up to departments

·        On vice president Web site, there is the assessment Dr. Joyce Hardy did a year ago – should be placed on assessment site

b.      Put under resources

        • Need a link to annual reports
          • Go back as far as possible
        • Under co-curricular
          • List is not complete, so what should go in co-curricular section
            • Affect students directly
            • Completed assessment, not just surveys
          • Extended campuses
            • list all as under extended campuses or list separately?
            • Should be separated somehow
            • Have not built into this because unsure of what belongs
          • Non-student related areas
            • Under co-curricular, and in support services
            • Student services, computer services, etc.
          • Each department will have a mission statement
            • Performance objectives
            • Program-learning outcomes
            • Performance criteria
            • Feedback loop
          • A timeline of when objectives are met might be helpful
        • Assessment resources
          • Report templates
          • Team should see reports, data, and decisions made with the data – what budget decisions were made
        • Institutional
          • Existing institutional report
          • Revised report
            • Which assessment tools were used
        • Miami University’s self-study is being used at workshops, but the actual assessment is rather weak
        • Eventually there will be a template to insert information
        • Under most departments there will be a bullet for the division, ie:

6.      Visual and Performing Arts

·        Music

·        Art

·        Theatre

·        Contact and membership info should be on site

II.           For next time

A.     Go back and show the Web site around and think about what is needed

1.      Is institutional and school plans under institutional strategies

B.     Send information to Anderson to post

C.     Roweton can send out requests to faculty

III.         Next meeting November 30, 2005, at 2 p.m.