College Assessment Committee


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

2:00 p.m.

Computer Training room

Miller Hall

Members present:                                 Members Absent:

Don Anderson                                      Steve Taylor

Dr. Kathy Bahr                        

Dr. Mary Jo Carnot

Dr. Margaret Crouse

Dr. Monty Fickel

Dr. Don King

Toni Mathewson

Dr. Sam Rankin

Dr. William Roweton

Dr. Robert Stack

Dr. Lois Veath

I.  Each member was given a list of Websites to study of institutions that had posted their assessments online.

  2. %201-30-04.pdf

II. Members were asked to review and discuss the Websites and send an e-mail to Mathewson answering the questions:

  1. Specify the items which should be on the assessment Website
  2. Name, URL for example of interesting graphic effects

III.  Comments were compiled and e-mailed to each member and are available on Blackboard as "Website Suggestions."