Amount Allocated Name of Proposal
$12,000.00 Advising Center
$2,450.00 Assessing our Assessment
$30,000.00 Campus Technology Planning Process
$800.00 Career Day
$5,300.00 Electronic Data Acquisition and Graphical Analysis Laboratory system (EAGALS)
$517.50 English Teachers Idea Exchange
$1,714.00 Kagan Cooperative Learning Workshop
$18,895.00 Laying the Groundwork for the Second Century of the CSC Natural History Museum
$20,000.00 Memorial Auditorium Sound Upgrade
$1,230.00 Native American Welcome Day
$615.00 Social Science Welcome Day
$15,000.00 Team Training & Coaching to Improve Productivity in Enrollment Management at CSC
$4,750.00 Telecounseling Center
$2,500.00 Western Nebraska Response to Intervention (RtI) Capacity Building Initiative
$2,500.00 18th Annual Excellence in Early Childhood Conference
$3,193.50 Active Learning Now
$3,000.00 Analysis of Bighorn sheep home, range, and diet composition at Fort Robinson, NE
$3,500.00 Assessment in Higher Education using Technology support for Student Interaction
$5,500.00 Campus-wide Celebration of Research Day
$4,000.00 Cardiac Risk Reduction Through Nutrition Education
$2,000.00 Health Status & Health Needs of CSC Students
$4,200.00 Players Room Update
$2,500.00 Football Professional Staff Development
$5,000.00 Undergraduate Research Initiative
$151,165.00 Total