Committee Assignments for 2004-2005




A.         Senate                                    Term                                                               Term

Norma Nealeigh  (AS)             03-05               Robert McEwen  (LL&CA)      04-06

Barb Limbach  (B&E )            04-06               Monty Fickel  (MS)                  03-05

Laura Gaudet  (CPSW)          03-05               Tim Keith  (P&LS)                   03-05  

Don King (Ed)                         03-05               Tracy Nobiling  (SS&JS)         03-05  

Don Watt (HPER)                   04-06               Sandy Schaefer (V&PA)         04-06

Patricia Blundell (At large)      04-06               Kathy Bahr (At Large)             04-06

Charles Cressy  (At Large)     04-06               Vincent Hazen  (At Large)       04-06                           Royce Smith  (At Large)         03-05               Deane Tucker  (At Large)       03-05              


                        Vincent Hazen, Ex-officio from CSCEA

                        Steve Becker, Ex-officio from Professional Staff

                        Dr. Krepel or Dr. Hardy Ex-officio as President or Representative

                                                Ryan Morgan, Ex-officio as Student Senate President






A.         Academic Review                 Term                                                               Term

Yvonne Moody  (AS)               03-05               Deane Tucker  (LL&CA) *       03-05

Ronald Burke (B&E)               03-05               Phil Cary  (MS)                        04-06

Laura Gaudet (CPSW)           04-06               Brad Fillmore  (P&LS)                        03-05  

Clarke Gardener  (Ed)            04-06               Ron Miller (SS&JS)                 04-06  

 (HPER)          04-06               William Winkle            (V&PA)           03-05


Joyce Hardy, non-voting member as V.P. of Academic & Student Affairs (chair)

            Student Senate representatives:




B.        Budget                                   Term                                                               Term

            Charles Butterfield                  03-05               Dana DeWitt                           03-05  

Bobby Duron                           04-06               Brent Pickett                           04-06


Ex-officio financial officer chosen by the College President:

*Faculty Senate ex-officio non-voting liason:


C.        Information Infrastructure   Term                                                               Term

            Kevin Miller                              04-06               Mathew Bateman                    04-06

            Wendy Waugh                        03-05               Phillip Cary                              04-06

Mike Engel                               04-06               Kathleen Kirsch                      03-05

            Wes Stevens                          03-05               Sandy Schaefer*                     03-05


                                    Library Staff

                                    Computer Center Staff

                                    Distance Learning

                                    Student Senate Representative 

                                    Graduate Student Representative






D.        Research Institute                Term                                                               Term

            Robert Duron                          03-05               Richard Bird                            03-05

            Royce Smith*                          04-06               Dana DeWitt                           04-06


            Joyce Hardy,  Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs (chair)

                                    Student Senate representative

                                    Graduate Student representative


E.         Student Academic Review  Term                                                               Term

Bill O’Boyle                              03-05               Zane Dickinson                       03-05

Barb Limbach*                        04-06               Lisette Leesch                                    03-05

            Thomas Swanke                     03-05               Brent Pickett                           04-06

            Georgia Younglove                  04-06               Deane Tucker                         04-06


            Ryan Morgan               Student Senate President

            Ryan Rutar                  Student Senate Vice President


Joyce Hardy                Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

                        Robert Stack               Interim Dean of Students

                        Dale Williamson          Registrar


F.         Faculty Development           Term                                                               Term

Charles Cressy*                     04-06               Ann Krejci                                04-06

Don King                                 03-05               Robert McEwen                      03-05  


G.        Study Abroad             Term                                                               Term

            Laura Gaudet*                         03-05               George Watson                      04-06

Rick Koza                               04-06               William Winkle                                    03-05


H.        Graduate Council                 Term                                                               Term

            Patricia Blundell                      03-05               Michael Cartwright                  04-06

Ronald Burke                          04-06               Dana DeWitt                           04-06

            Charles Cressy                       04-06               Vincent Hazen *                       03-05

            Jerry Neff                                 03-05               Monty Fickel                            03-05


                        Margaret Crouse         Interim Dean, School of Professional and Graduate

Studies (chair)

                        Clark Gardener           Specialist Program representative

                                                            Graduate Student representative


I.         Promotion and Tenure         Term                                                               Term

Georgia Younglove (AS)         04-07               Katherine Bahr (LL&CA)         02-05

Robert Durron (B&E)              04-08               Charles Bare   (MS)                03-07

Laura Gaudet  (CPSW)          02-05               Ron Weeden (P&LS)              02-06  

Clark Gardener (Ed)               02-06               George Watson (SS&JS)       02-06  

Don Watt (HPER)*                 02-06               Richard Bird (V&PA)               04-08




Updated: September 7, 2004