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Evidence of Demand and Efficiency








5 yr avg

Student Credit Hours (SCH)







Faculty Full-time Equivalency (FTE)







SCH/Faculty FTE







Number of

Degrees and Awards


(list degrees/






































Evidence of Need (provide a statement below or attach document)




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For CCPE staff use only                                                                    Reviewers & Date:

                        2001-2002               2002-2003               2003-2004               2004-2005               2005-2006               5 Year Avg

Student Credit     

Hour Production     848                           711                          517                          634                          529                          647.8  

Faculty Full-time

Equivalency             2.12                          1.87                         1.07                         1.53                         1.41                             1.6

SCH/Faculty FTE 400.00                     380.21                    483.18                      414.38                     375.18                       410.59


Number of Degrees

And Awards


                                BS                6                              7                              5                              7                              6                              6.2



                                Fall              34                            29                            37                            35                            32                            33.4

                                Spring        31                            32                            29                            31                            30                            30.6

                                Summer     18                            11                            16                            16                            10                            14.2

                                Totals         83                            72                            82                            82                            72                            78.2

Evidence of need

Institution:  Chadron State College

Program:  Information Science and Technology (IST)


·        According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 'technical services' job opportunities will grow by 28.4 percent and add 1.9 million new jobs by 2014 (Appendix A).  In addition, employment in computer systems design and related services will grow by 39.5 percent and add almost one-fourth of all new jobs in professional, scientific, and technical services.


·        Employment growth will be driven by the increasing reliance of businesses on information technology and the continuing importance of maintaining system and network security.


·        Management, scientific, and technical consulting services also will grow very rapidly, by 60.5 percent, spurred by the increased use of new technology and computer software and the growing complexity of business


·        These 'technical services' job opportunities exist at a time when fewer college students want to make computers their life work.  New data from the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California at Los Angeles (2005) shows the percentage of incoming students interested in majoring in computer science has plummeted over the last four years.


·        Between the fall of 2000 and the fall of 2004, the percentage dropped by 60% and now is 70% lower than its peak in the early 1980s.


·        This requires colleges to develop new, innovative, and attractive programs that can and will increase the number of technology majors.




Tucci, Linda (2005).  College students continue to shun computer science.



Justification of program

Institution:  Chadron State College

Program:  Information Science and Technology (IST)


·        Current numbers (five-year averages) reflect student and parental perceptions created by the “dot com” bust of the late 1990’s.  The job market for Information Technology professionals is now changing significantly for the positive and perceptions are beginning to follow suit.


·        The current numbers (five-year averages) reflect participation in an older, “Computer Science” style program at Chadron State College.  During the same time interval this type of program experienced significant decreases in participation in colleges and universities throughout the United States.


·        Faculty at Chadron State College have recently modified the IST program to provide a comprehensive major in Information Management Systems (implemented fall 2006).  The IMS major provides an education for the demands of a new type of Information Technology professional – one that possesses a blend of business, management, and technical skills and knowledge.  A review of IT trade journal articles, newspaper articles, and employment web sites such as demonstrate great demand for this type of IT professional.


·        The IMS comprehensive major program is now built to flexibly and responsively meet the needs of a dynamic IT field.  A common core supports focus areas that can be added to and changed as the job market and IT field change.  This type of program is much more capable of serving the students and businesses of our region and will consequently draw more participation to the program.


·        The number of graduates from the IST program does not reveal a significant number of community college transfer students for whom the BAS degree is a time saving option.  The transfer students who earn the BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science – Technical Occupations Major – Computers and Electronics) fully participate in the IST program and graduate along side the IST majors with the same skills and training, but are not counted in the IST program.  These students are also well-served by the IST program.



Appendix A