Institutional Snapshot

The purpose of the Institutional Snapshot is to give the Evaluation Team a basic impression of the organization's overall scope and nature of operations during a specified time frame preceding the on-site visit. Teams have indicated that these data are helpful to them in gaining a quick understanding of the institution.

  1. Student Demography Headcounts
    • Undergraduate Enrollments by Class Levels
    • Undergraduate Students by Degree Seeking and Non-degree Seeking Status (Full-Time & Part-Time)
    • Enrollment by Age
    • Undergraduate Credit Enrolment Fall 2003 though Fall 2005 by Residency Status

  2. Student Recruitment and Admissions
    • Number of Applications, Acceptances, and Matriculations for Categories of Entering Students

  3. Financial Assistance for Students
    • Number and Percentage of Students Who Applied for Financial Assistance
    • Number and Percentage of Students Who Received Financial Aid
    • Tuition Discount Rate

  4. Student Retention and Program Productivity
    • Retention Rate by Race and Ethnicity
    • Number of Graduates between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2005 by CIP Codes (includes less than 1-year and associate degrees)
    • Selected Licensure Examination Pass Rates

  5. Faculty Demography
    • Headcount of Faculty by Highest Degree Earned
    • Headcount of Faculty by Race/Ethnicity and Gender
    • Headcount of Faculty by CIP Codes

  6. Availability of Instructional Resources and Information Technology

  7. Financial Data
    • Actual Unrestricted Revenues
    • Actual Unrestricted Expense
    • Explanation of Shortfall