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CSC International Peer Mentor Program

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Program and Position Description

The CSC Peer Mentor Program is designed to help international freshman with their transition to Chadron State College. Our mission is to support the experience of international students and encourage the development of spaces for students to engage in abundant academic and social activities specifically during their first semester. A Peer Mentor is a current, CSC student who provides leadership, mentorship, and useful insight into many aspects of academic and social life at Chadron State College. Offering unique guidance based on professional training and personal experiences, Peer Mentors will:

  • Be a resource for students regarding which courses and professors may be of particular interest to students
  • Help navigate new incoming students’ way through the college
  • Direct students to the appropriate university staff, offices and faculty who can help them
  • Connect students to on-campus and off-campus events and activities

Required Qualifications

For consideration, candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  • Minimum grade point average of 3.0 in undergraduate and graduate classes
  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are preferred
  • Experience living in a residence hall setting
  • Strong interpersonal skills, especially when communicating with people from different cultures
  • Strong desire to help new international students
  • Knowledge of Chadron State College
  • Self-motivation
  • Must be available to attend Peer Mentor trainings and meetings
  • Abide by a confidentiality agreement, maintaining confidentiality and respect of individual students' rights at all times.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the application and email it to or submit a hard copy to the Office of International Education.
  2. The Program Coordinator will contact qualified applicants and set up an interview.

Princess Uba

Name: Princess Uba
Country: Nigeria
Began her Undergraduate studies in the Fall of 2015

“If I had to list out my top memories of being a CSC student, the Peer Mentor program would be a priority on that list. Having a peer mentor here as a 16year old freshman made my transition into college as an international student, very smooth. My peer mentor was very helpful and became my guide literally in my first semester. I became familiar with classes, professors, learning resources, social life, the completely different culture and the community of Chadron. A lot of my life outside of classes now, are based off suggestions made by my mentor. She set an amazing example for me to follow and I’ve been doing great following her footsteps. My mentor was the first person I could confide in and if she wasn’t able to give me the best answer to certain things, she always told me where to channel things to. The relationship I built with my peer mentor is long lasting and I am forever grateful to CSC for the opportunity. I was able to gain family here, while getting a hang of college life”.