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Application For Coaching Assistant - Track & Field

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Position Applying For: Coaching Assistant - Track & Field
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I attest to the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided, and I understand that falsification or omission of any information on this application could result in my disqualification from further consideration in the selection process, or if hired, termination of my employment. I understand that consideration for employment is conditioned upon the results of a background check, and I authorize the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges, the College and its agents or assigns to investigate all statements made by me on this application, to conduct a thorough investigation of my background and activities, and I agree to cooperate in such investigation and to release the Board of Trustees and its agents and assigns from all liability or responsibility and of all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information. I authorize the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges, the College and its agents and assigns to contact my cited references and any developed uncited references to make inquiries concerning my current and past employment. This authorization will expire six months from the date it is signed. A facsimile copy or electronic version of this document shall be considered as effective and valid as the original.
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Chadron State College is an equal opportunity institution. CSC does not discriminate against any student, employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, or age in employment and education opportunities, including but not limited to admissions decisions. The College has designated an individual to coordinate the College’s non-discrimination efforts to comply with regulations implementing Title VI, VII, IX, and Section 504. Inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies and practices may be directed to:

Shelley Dunbar, Title VI, VII, IX Compliance Coordinator
Chadron State College, 1000 Main Street
Chadron, NE 69337
Phone 308.432.6224

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