Department of Health,
Physical Education and Recreation

Eligibility & Ineligibility

Intramural Units and Teams

An intramural unit refers to either a residence hall, a fraternity, a sorority or a recognized organization (on or off campus). At the end of the year, there will be competition among residence halls, fraternities, sororities and campus organizations to determine an overall champion.

Each player must play under their own name, be responsible for their own eligibility and familiarize themselves with the intramural rules.

Special or unusual cases involving eligibility will be decided by the Intramural Council and/or the Intramural Director. Example: A person wants to play in a particular sport but there is no team for the unit in which they should play.

All protests, except eligibility protests, must be made in writing and presented to the Intramural Office within 24 hours after the contest in question.

Eligibility protests should be called to the attention of the Intramural Office before the team competes in another game.

Protests based solely on a decision which involved accuracy of judgment on the part of the official shall not be considered.

Two successive forfeits by a team means automatic forfeiture of the remaining games and a revision of the schedule, if necessary, to compensate for the loss of a team or teams.



These rules apply to both men's and women's sports.

** Ineligibility infractions will result in a "loss" for that game, and the team will be ineligible for the post-season tournament.