Graduate Studies

Master of Arts in Education - Science or Mathematics

This program of study is customized to meet the educational and professional needs of the students who want advanced knowledge in either science or mathematics in order to continue their professional goal of a doctorate degree, career advancement or professional development. The Mathematics program is offered in the online format while the Science program is offered in a face-to-face format.

Entrance requirements for the Mathematics based program

Entrance requirements for the Science based program

Program of study for the Mathematics or Science based program

EDCI 631, Research Design & Data Analysis, should be completed within the first 12 hours of a student's program of study.

Basic Education Core

Number Course Title Hours
EDCI 631 Research Design & Data Analysis 3
EDCI 635

EDAD 631
Curriculum Development
Public Relations
MATH 533* Statistical Methods/Data Analysis 3
MATH 535* Sampling Techniques 3
  Master's Thesis
Scholarly Project
Hours: 15-18


Education/Psychology elective, to be selected with advisor and approved by graduate committee 3
Content Electives: to be selected with advisor and approved by advisory committee 15-18
Hours: 36

* Students who have taken the undergraduate equivalent of these courses will work with their advisory committees to determine appropriate value-added courses.