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Master of Science in Organizational Management - Sports Management

Master of Science in Organizational Management

This is a cooperative program between Chadron State College, Wayne State College and Peru State College within the Nebraska State College System. The degree is designed to provide knowledge and skills in management and organizational structure to enable the individual to more effectively progress to management positions with corporate, government or not-for-profit settings.

***The Human Services, Natural Resources and Sports Management programs can be completed entirely online.***

Entrance requirements for the Master of Science in Organizational Management program

  • Complete application
  • Earned baccalaureate degree
  • Official transcripts from the college/university which issued bachelor's degree
  • Official transcripts from any institutions attended after receiving bachelor's degree (if applicable)

Sports Management Program of Study (can be completed online)

This is a 36-credit hour degree program.

4 Year Course Rotations

Research and Methods Courses

CA 615 Research Process and Practice OR EDCI 631 Research Design & Data Analysis, should be completed within the first 12 hours of a student’s program of study.

Complete six credit hours (6) from the following courses:

Number Course Title Hours
EDCI 631
Research Process and Practice OR
Research Design and Data Analysis
MATH 533
PSYC 538
Statistical Methods and Data Analysis OR
Behavior Statistics
Research Design and Methods Total: 6

Organizational Management and Leadership Courses

Students are encouraged to work in cooperation with their advisor to identify the classes which will best complement their degree goals. Note: A minimum of 18 of the total 36 credit hours must be from the 600 level courses.

Complete twelve credit hours (12) from the following courses:

Number Course Title Hours
CTE 632 Organizational Leadership 3
CA 610 Theories of Conflict Resolution and Mediation 3
CA 630 Organizational Communication 3
MGMT 610 Human Capital Management 3
MGMT 620 High Performance Leadership 3
MGMT 630 Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT 639 Legal and Social Environment of Business 3
MATH 631 Mathematics for Management 3
PSYC 541 Advanced Organizational Psychology 3
Organizational Management and Leadership Total 12

Thesis, Scholarly Project/Internship or Internship

Complete a minimum of 18 credits of program prior to enrollment.

Internship (6 credit hours) OR    
Scholarly Project (3 credit hours) AND Internship (3 credit hours) OR    
Thesis (6 credit hours)    
Total Hours 6

Sports Management Program Focus Area

Number Course Title Hours
HPER 637 Sports Management 3
Sports Management Focus Total 3
Electives: In consultation with advisor, select an additional nine (9) credits which complement the desired learning outcome of the student. 9
FCS 517 Lifespan Wellness 3
FCS 527 Worksite Wellness 3
FCS 534 Issues in Health and Human Services 3
FCS 547 Nutrition for Sport and Wellness 3
HPER 528 Advanced Coaching Philosophies 3
HPER 530 Seminar in HPER 3
HPER 536 NCAA Rules 3
HPER 537 Sport Law 3
HPER 637 Sports Management REQUIRED 3
Organizational Management in Sports Management Total Credit Hours 36

Students have a 7-year window in which to complete the degree once they begin taking courses.