Graduate Studies

Master of Arts in Education - History

This program of study is customized to meet the educational and professional needs of the students who want advanced knowledge in history in order to continue their professional goal of a doctorate degree, career advancement or professional development. This program is offered in both on-line and face-to-face formats. Students may earn the degree completely on-line if desired.

Entrance requirements for the History based program

Program of study for the History based program

EDCI 631, Research Design & Data Analysis, should be completed within the first 12 hours of a student's program of study.

Basic Education Core

Number Course Title Hours
EDCI 631 Research Design & Data Analysis 3
EDCI 633 Educational Philosophy 3
EDAD 631
EDCI 635
EDCI 639
Public Relations OR
Curriculum Development OR
Systemic Change: Process for School Improvement
Hours: 9


Number Course Title Hours
Option 1:   
HIST 635 Research Seminar in History 3
HIST 660 Thesis 6
Option 2:  
HIST 635 Research Seminar in History 3
HIST 600 600 Level Elective 3
HIST 655 Scholarly Project 3
Hours: 9


Courses in History/Political Science/Anthropology 18
Hours: 18
Total Hours: 36