Graduate Studies

Master of Business Administration

The MBA is designed for supervisory and mid-level managers. The program will add to the body of knowledge in business management, marketing, finance, accounting, economics and informational management systems. This program is offered entirely online in an eight-week delivery format — two eight-week sessions per semester.

Entrance requirements for the MBA based program

Note: This is a 36-credit hour degree program. The MBA graduate student is to complete at least 24 semester hours of graduate coursework after being accepted for graduate study. A student may be able to transfer a maximum of nine (9) graduate credit hours from an accredited institution.

All MBA students will also be expected to complete a required exit exam prior to graduation.

Program of study for the MBA program

Required Courses

Number Course Title Hours
ACTG 532/632 Managerial Accounting (renumbered to ACTG 632 in Fall 2014) 3
BIS 632 Information Systems for Managers 3
ECON 537/637 Managerial Economics (renumbered to ECON 637 in Fall 2014) 3
FIN 631 Corporate Finance 3
MGMT 620 High Performance Leadership 3
MGMT 630 Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT 634 Business Strategy (capstone course) 3
MGMT 639 Legal & Social Environment of Business 3
MKTG 630 Marketing Management 3
Required Courses Total: 27

Electives/Topics Courses

Select nine (9) hours from the list below. Topics courses typically vary in specific subject content and may be repeated for a total of nine (9) hours providing a different topic is selected.  (Please see course rotation schedule for additional information.)

Note: Master of Business Administration students cannot have more than six (6) credits of 500-level dual-listed elective courses** in their degree program.

Number Course Title Hours
ACTG 533** Government Not-for-Profit Acct. 3
ACTG 537** Advanced Cost Management Acct. 3
ACTG 543** Advanced Financial Accounting 3
BA 560 Topics: Managerial Agricultural Policy 3
BA 560 Topics: Managerial Professional Development 3
BA 690 Internship in Business (must complete a minimum of 18 credits in degree program first) 3-6
FIN 632 Finance for Managers 3
MGMT 560 Topics: Event Management & Logistics 3
MGMT 610 Human Capital Management 3
MKTG 635 Entrepreneurship - New Venture Creation 3

Required Elective Course Total:

Total: 36