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Testimonials From Our Students

Abbey Peterson

Design & Merchandising, 2011

Associate Manager, Maurices

Abbey Peterson, from Burke, S.D., graduated from Chadron State College in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and an option in Design and Merchandising.

The experience Abbey gained from the FCS program helped prepare her for a job opportunity right out of college. While working in Chadron, Neb., she met an interviewer from the fashion retailer Maurices. The interviewer was in town to hire employees for the new store that opened in Chadron in the fall of 2011. The Maurices representative was impressed by the way Abbey conducted herself while helping her customers, and asked her to take part in an interview.

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Kelsey Arneson

Human Services

Lifeways, Inc.

“Since leaving CSC I started working for a non-profit organization in Rapid City, S.D., called Lifeways in August of 2010. They are a drug and alcohol intervention and prevention agency that works in the high schools and middle schools. The first year I worked as an administrative assistant learning the ins and outs of the agency; it was not what I wanted to do but fresh out of college I needed a job!

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Tonia (Rippen) Hazlett

Design & Merchandising

SCAT Designs / home school mother

“I have found the FCS classes I took all those years ago have definitely come in helpful being a mom, a homemaker, and a home school teacher to my kids. The nutrition course I took was helpful when our 3-year-old daughter was anemic a few years ago when she had some immune system issues. I knew which foods were rich in iron, protein, and vitamins for her.

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Elizabeth Gill

“The learning environment for the kids at the CDC here at Chadron State College was wonderful, they got to go outside and play, and they got to ask questions that they would find the answers to. They learned about the weather, math and social skills. I think that the CDC is a wonderful place to have a child spend his/her time when they are younger and want to explore the world.”

Kay Kruger

FCS and Health Teacher

"I began my career teaching FCS at Gordon High School in January 1988 with a part-time position. Over time, the program grew into a full-time position with more course offerings because of the varied background I had as a graduate of Chadron State College. Twenty-nine years later, I am in the same system, teaching multiple FCS classes as well as Health at Gordon-Rushville High School. Chadron State College provided me with a solid foundation to build my teaching career. Not only did I develop professional relationships with my instructors at CSC, but I also developed personal relationships that have lasted for many years. I am impressed with how the FCS program has continued to develop to provide many varied opportunities for the students who have pursued a major in Family and Consumer Sciences at Chadron State College. I appreciate the continued support the college has provided. I had the opportunity to lead a Science and Our Food Supply workshop supported by the FDA at Chadron State College in the spring of 2016. After being selected as one of the participants in the FDA training in Washington, DC, I was able to share the curriculum with fellow FCS teachers. The faculty at CSC made it possible for me to use the facilities to present the one day training. I look forward to taking a team from my foods classes to participate in the Eagle Cook-off competition held as a part of Scholastic Day. I am proud to introduce them to the FCS program at Chadron State College. I am pleased to say that the teams from Gordon-Rushville come ready to participate each year and the G-R team was selected as the top team at the cook-off in 2016!"


Family & Consumer Sciences Mission

The mission of the Family and Consumer Sciences academic program is to engage students in learning the theories and practicing the professional skills needed to empower individuals and families throughout the lifespan to manage the challenges of living and working in a complex world.

Family & Consumer Sciences Student Learning Outcomes

Students in this program will develop knowledge, skills, competencies, and attitudes so they will be able to:

  • Analyze factors which contribute to the development of healthy individuals throughout the lifespan (conception through old age).
  • Analyze nutrition and life course choices which influence lifespan wellness.
  • Assess the relationship between managing resources (time, energy, money) and achieving personal or family goals.
  • Apply critical and creative thinking skills in addressing individual and family problems and issues in diverse environments.
  • Describe the physical, emotional, mental and social development of children.
  • Illustrate the role food, clothing, and shelter play in individual and family consumerism and resource management.
  • Summarize the history of the FCS profession as well as the multiple career paths available to FCS graduates.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use knowledge, skills, competencies, and attitudes in a professional work experience.