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Course Transfer Example

John has completed an Associated of Applied Science degree in Respiratory Therapy from Great Technical College, a regionally accredited technical school. John earned 64 credit hours in his AAS degree, 6 of which are equivalent to some of CSC’s general studies requirements.

Just before starting at Great Tech, John had attended State U, a regionally accredited university. He attended for just one semester and earned 15 hours, 12 of which were upper division. The remaining 3 were lower division electives, but they match some more of CSC’s general studies requirements.

Finally, before he attended State U, John had also attended a regionally accredited community college where he earned 12 credit hours. All of these hours were also approved by CSC as acceptable general studies courses.

This is how John’s transfer looks.

  • Of the 91 credit hours John has earned, 85 were transferred to CSC. (70 total from the 2 year schools and all 15 from State U.)
  • Of the 85, CSC approved 21 hours (6+3+12) of general studies to apply toward the CSC general studies requirement, leaving just 19 additional general studies hours to complete.
  • CSC also credited the 12 hours of upper division toward completion of the 45 credit hour upper division requirement, leaving 33 hours of upper division to take at CSC.

To complete the degree, John needs to complete 19 credit hours of general studies and 33 credit hours of upper division courses, for a total of 52 credit hours. The total of 85(transferred), plus the 52 he still needs, satisfies the 125 credit hour minimum necessary for degree completion.

The next step is for John to work with his advisor to choose his remaining general studies and upper division courses. Taking classes part time, John should complete his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in 2 to 3 years. By choosing several courses in business, management, communications, or psychology, John is on his way toward eventually moving into a supervisory or leadership role at his company. And, he did all of it online.