Study Abroad


Stephanie Eggleston - Australia (Semester Based Program)

Stephanie EgglestonAs I sat in the airport eating Panda Express, my last American meal for the next 5 months, I had no idea what I was about to embark on. I have always been a free spirit and not much of a planner, so when it came to preparing to study abroad in Australia this hadn’t changed. The only things I really knew about Australia was what I had learned from Finding Nemo. Turns out there is a lot more to the country than portrayed in the movies, as I am sure is true for all countries.

Studying abroad gave me the chance to live once in a life time experiences first hand such as: scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, seeing a show at the Sydney Opera House, bungee jumping, and holding a baby kangaroo. While these experiences are amazing and I am thankful for them, studying abroad has given me so much more than just these memories.

After my 5 months abroad I still am not the greatest planner, but I have changed. I have learned how to adapt quickly, gained cultural understanding, and have learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. After traveling thousands of miles, I have come to the realization that the world is big. Whoever said, “It’s such a small world” was highly mistaken. There is so much to experience in this world we live in, and the greatest thing I have learned during my time abroad is to never say no to an opportunity that may only come once in a lifetime.

Aaron Gonzalez - Morocco (Semester Based Program)

Aaron GonzalezThere’s no doubt in my mind that going abroad to Morocco was the best decision I’ve made in my CSC career. Going overseas helped me loosen up, broaden my horizons, stimulate my intellect, and prepare me more for the real world. Testimonies of study abroad students may seem cliché, but they and mine are absolutely true. You only live once, so don’t let this chance slip away! This experience pays off in more ways than one.

Amy Prince - Ireland (Semester Based Program)

Amy PrinceImmersing in an entirely different culture was such an invigorating and exciting experience. I discovered how strong and independent I really am and how much I can achieve. Studying abroad was invaluable and will have an impact on my life for years to come. Nothing can compare to this kind of experience!

Tiffani Roelle - London, England (Faculty Led Short Term Program)

Tiffani RoelleGoing abroad on the London trip was a life defining experience. I learned so much about England and Europe during the two-week trip. The study abroad program was well organized through ISA (International Studies Abroad). The personable staff was helpful and friendly in every way. They informed our group of cultural events and provided maps as well as Wi-Fi in their local office. ISA made the London trip a fun and efficient experience. Everyday our college group had an itinerary. Our days typically started at 8a.m., consisting of tours and lectures. By the late afternoon we were free to shop, eat, or explore on our own. Do to the convenient location of our hotel and the subway system we quickly became familiar with central London. There were countless attractions, and so much to do! I appreciated the free admission of museums, national gallery, and outdoor parks.

The CSC group took an excursion to Bath, England with a visit to Stonehenge. We also had opportunities to visit other countries. During the two-week trip we had three free days. I went on a day trip to Paris, France and a two-day visit to Edinburgh, Scotland. Other students chose to visit places like Dublin, Ireland or Germany. Through the assistance of ISA our study aboard group was well provided for and kept safe.

I feel privileged to have been a part of the CSC group in the extent of our travels and all the knowledge we gained. Going abroad for the first time was an enriching endeavor. I’m so grateful to have gone on this CSC study abroad program. The London trip provided the real-life experience of our globalizing community. The international culture, people, and education will always remain a definite part of my life.