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Writers show us how people make choices in the process of becoming, and their works help us draw meaning and understanding from the complexities of our lives. If your passion resides in creating worlds, discovering new characters, and playing with language, you can find your story by pursuing a minor in Creative Writing. From day one, you will work with professors who are acclaimed, published authors to craft your own poems, essays, and stories.

In completing courses for the Creative Writing minor, students will develop and deepen their ability to:

  • conduct close reading of a variety of literary texts, seeking a deep and broad understanding of the range of literary precedent;
  • name literary techniques across the genres, and make use of them both in analyzing the work of others and writing original texts;
  • compose, revise, edit, and share original work in several genres, seeking a distinct style and distinctive, personal material;
  • give, receive, and make use of pertinent, constructive critique;
  • display curiosity about literary questions and pursue well founded answers to those questions, using textual and other evidence, in critical essays or reviews;
  • interrogate and develop one’s own imagination and habits of mind and craft within an often messy, challenging, and rewarding writing process;
  • generate, revise, effectively order, and reflect upon a sustained capstone project of original work;
  • and display a command of standard English in writing, with the skill to address various goals and audiences.

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