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Bachelor of Science in Education

Welcome to Bachelor of Science in Education. Below are the links to the Undergraduate Catalog, the 4-year course rotations and endorsement options.

2015 - 2017 Undergraduate Catalog
(To find the required courses for the endorsement you wish to obtain, scroll through the course catalog to the page listed below.)

Field Endorsement Programs

Course Rotations

Subject Endorsement Programs

  • Biology (begins on page 34)
  • Business Education (begins on page 42)
  • Chemistry (begins on page 86)
  • Coaching* (begins on page 68)
  • Early Childhood Education* (begins on page 49)
  • Earth and Space Science (begins on page 86)
  • Health (begins on page 68)
  • History (begins on page 72)
  • Physical Education (begins on page 68)
  • Technical Education - Diversified Occupation* (begins on page 42)
  • Theatre* (begins on page 101)
  • Vocal Music (begins on page 81)

*Supplemental Endorsements Programs: These programs do not stand alone, & must be completed in addition to either a subject or field endorsement program.