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Barbara Limbach


Contact Information

Phone: 308-432-6350
Office: Burkhiser Complex 140


Ph.D. Applied Science and Technology, University of Wyoming
Specialist in Education Administration, Chadron State College
M.S. Business Education, Chadron State College
B.S. Business & Economic Education, Chadron State College

Responsibilities at CSC / Past Work Experience

Business Communications
Professional Ethics
Business Law
Human Capital Management
High Performance Leadership

Professional Activities / Awards

National Education Association Thought and Action Journal Review Panel
Journal of Interdisciplinary Business-Economics Advancement Editorial Advisory Board
AABRI Reviewer for Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business
Textbook Reviewer for Bridgepoint Education, Pearson Publishing, Radical Pedagogy, South-Western, Cengage Learning, Flat World Knowledge, Sage Publications, Prentice Hall Publishing, Thomson-Wadsworth Publishing, Houghton Mifflin, McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publishing, Wisewire, European Journal of Psychology of Education
Academic Exchange Quarterly Feature Editor
Certified Trainer-Corporate Education Center
Delta Mu Delta Business Administration Academic Honorary Member, Advisor
Phi Delta Kappa Service Award, 2003, 2008
Nebraska State College System Teacher Excellence Award, 1999
Chadron State College Teaching Excellence Award, 1999
Outstanding Member in Phi Delta Kappa, University of Wyoming, 1994

Campus Involvement

Delta Mu Delta Business Administration Honorary, Advisor
Promotion and Tenure Committee
ACBSP Standards Committee
Business Education and MBA Program Committees
Nebraska State Education Association, Member
Chadron State Education Association, Member and Past President

Research Interests and Professional Interests

Effective Online Teaching, Learner-Centered Environments, High-Impact Practices, Critical Thinking, Gender Issues, Professional Development, Interpersonal Skills, Service Learning
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  • Limbach, B. (1994). Must Females Adopt Male-Dominate Characteristics To Be Successful Managers? (Doctoral dissertation, University of Wyoming, 1994). Dissertation Abstracts International

Hobbies and Interests

Family Activities

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