CSC Dining Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dining Service staff welcomes you to Chadron State College. Our dining program is an integral part of the residential experience. Here are the answers to some of the most-commonly asked questions about our program. If you have any additional questions, please stop by the Dining Service Office, located in the Student Center or call (308) 432-6734.

What meal plans are available?
CSC Dining Service offers four different meal plans, all tailor-made to suit the various schedules of busy college students.

280 Meal Block Plan: access to any dining location for 280 meals eaten any time in the semester and $200 EagleBucks per semester.  All meals must be used by the student purchasing the plan.

150 Meal Block Plan: access to any dining location for 150 meals eaten any time in the semester and $200 EagleBucks per semester. All meals must be used by the student purchasing the plan.

14 Meal Plan: access to any dining location for 14 meals per week and $100 EagleBucks per semester.

5 Meal Plan: access to any dining location for 5 meals per week only.

EagleBucks and The Commuter Meal Plan: deposits for EagleBucks for students or staff members are made at the business office, or at the dining room register.

Where do I register for a meal plan?
You can register for a meal plan at the Housing Office.

Can I change my meal plan?
Returning students may change their meal plans only during the first two weeks of classes in the fall and spring semester. Meal plan changes are made at the Housing Office.

How are my meals accounted for?
Each time you enter the Dining Room a meal will be deducted and tracked by computer. You may also use your meals at the Eagle Grille and Snackers. A meal plan begins Sunday breakfast and ends Saturday dinner. Meals not used during the week are not carried over to the following week unless you're on the 150 or 280 block plan.

Are meal plans transferrable?
Only you may use your card, no one else.

What do I do if my EagleCard is lost or stolen?
Report it immediately to the Dining Service office. This will ensure that no one else can use your card. Go to the EagleCard Office to get a replacement card. A new card will cost $20.00.

How do I make a healthy choice?
CSC Dining Service understands there is a need for nutritious, low fat food options. We serve "Heart Smart" entrees at lunch and dinner seven days a week. The Dining Room also serves a full salad and deli bar during lunch and dinner. Feel free to mix and match food from one line to the next. To eliminate guesswork, there is nutritional information available for each item we serve. If you have any questions or requests, please ask the dining staff for help.

Can I bring a guest to the dining room?
Guests are always welcome at the dining room. Meals can be purchased from the cashier.

What if I have special dietary requirements?
If you are placed on a restricted diet by your physician, please contact the Dining Service Office so we can meet your needs.  Our chef has a background in special diets.  Our goal is to satisfy your needs.

Are there other dining options?
On the east side of campus, Snackers is open for late night offerings. The Eagle's Grill, also in the Student Center, can give you a quick meal, or a snack for a change of scenery.

How to purchase your meals, apart from a meal plan? Use EagleBucks! Deposits for EagleBucks can be made at the Business Office, or the front register at the dining room. EagleBucks are purchased in $25 increments.

My job conflicts with the dining room meal hours, can I eat at another time?
We will be happy to prepare a to-go, well-balanced meal for you. Stop by the Dining Service Office and ask to arrange for a sack lunch. Requests are taken Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Check out the "Take Out" tab!

If I am sick, can I eat in my room?
Yes, a friend can get food for you. They must present your I.D. card at the Dining Room where they will sign for your meal. We will provide appropriate containers for transporting your meal. Please call the Dining Service Office at 432-6734 to verify that you are in need of this service and who is going to be picking up your meals. More Information

Can I use my meal plan for residence-hall sponsored banquets, picnics, etc?
Yes, your organization leader will have a sign-up sheet which will be turned in to the Dining Service Office, three business days prior to the event.

Can I work for the Dining Service? There are many advantages to working with us, just a few are: