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Dispositional Standards

Students in the CSC Graduate Counseling Program are held to a higher standard due to anticipated interaction with clients and community members. As prospective counselors, you are expected to represent the College as professionals and adhere to the ethics and standards of the counseling profession, in addition to the College’s Student Code of Conduct.

The following Dispositional Standards apply to all students in the CSC Counseling Programs before, during, and after their Field Experiences. The standards address affective attributes and general dispositions attributed to a counselor. A corresponding Professional Dispositions Rubric provides further guidance.

Your ability to meet these Dispositional Standards is continually reviewed by, and subject to, the academic judgment of campus faculty, staff, and administration. You will be evaluated on the following:

  1. contributes to a positive climate in all College classrooms, practicums, and internships,
  2. demonstrates mastery of written and spoken language for self-expression, as well as for effective interaction in all settings,
  3. is a thoughtful and responsive listener,
  4. is committed to reflection, assessment, and learning as an ongoing process,
  5. is willing to give and receive help.
  6. is sensitive to community and cultural norms for the degree program, College classroom, practicums, and internships.
  7. appreciates and values human diversity and shows respect for others’ varied talents and perspectives.
  8. values the development of critical thinking, independent problem solving, and performance capabilities in himself/herself and those with whom he/she interacts.
  9. demonstrates a commitment to keeping abreast of new ideas and understanding in the counseling field.
  10. demonstrates a level of responsibility and ethical judgment consistent with professional guidelines developed for the counseling field.
  11. maintains the highest ethical standards in interactions with faculty, students, staff, and clients as well as in preparation and submission of required course work, and the completion of tests.
  12. maintains a pattern of exceeding minimal requirements in courses, practicums, & internships.

Should a campus faculty, staff, or administrator determine a student does not meet any of the above Dispositional Standards, a “Referral Form” may be filed with the Counseling, Psychology, & Social Work (CPSW) Department Chair. Any student who receives one or more referral(s) shall be counseled, remediated, or withdrawn from their program, as deemed appropriate.

Students who have been charged with violating the Student Code of Conduct shall be subject to the policies, procedures, and sanctions for processing such charges. However, a charge under the Student Code of Conduct may also be the basis for a referral on separate academic grounds under these Dispositional Standards. Similarly, an observation under the Referral Process may be the basis for a Student Code of Conduct charge.