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Graduate Program Degree Requirements

Once admitted to the counseling program students must:

1.   File a Plan of Study. Students will receive an official plan of study from the Graduate Office upon admission to the Counseling Program. This plan must be filed between 9 and 18 hours into the program with a 3.0 grade point average or higher. In cooperation with your faculty advisor, you must complete your plan and choose a graduate committee. You will electronically submit your plan to the Graduate Office. See appendices at the end of this handbook for an unofficial draft of each plan of study. A signed plan of study must be on file prior to applying for graduation.

2.   Apply for graduation. Candidates who plan to graduate in December must file formal application prior to April 15th. Those who plan to graduate in the spring must file prior to November 15th. Students who plan to graduate in the summer (with the option to participate in December commencement) must file prior to February 15th. A link to the application can be found in your MyCSC "to do list" All fees and indebtedness to the College must be submitted with the application.

3.   Apply for oral examination. All counseling students must pass a final oral examination. The oral examination must be taken at least FOUR (4) weeks prior to the date of graduation. Following successful completion of the oral examination, approval forms will be signed by the student’s committee and presented to the Dean of Graduate Studies. See appendices for the Counseling Oral Exam Rubric. To schedule your oral exam, work with your committee to find an acceptable date and time, then schedule the exam in your "Graduate Orals Scheduling Link" found on your MyCSC ”to do list”.

4.   Complete a Graduate Counseling Portfolio. The counseling e-portfolio is an electronically submitted compilation demonstrating the students’ ability to create a holistic, summative expression of how the counseling program has prepared them for entry into the counseling profession. Students will submit a completed electronic portfolio to his/her advisor, thorough your CSC TK20 Portfolio Site, a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the oral exam date. An incomplete portfolio will NOT be accepted and could postpone your oral exam and graduation. Please follow this link for TK20 Counseling Graduate E-Portfolio Guide page, or download a PDF file of the TK20 Counseling Graduate E-Portfolio Guide, and contact Joy Omelanuk or your faculty advisor for clarification when needed. You will find instructions for the Counseling E-Portfolio in the appendices of your Graduate Counseling Handbook.

6.   School Counseling students must complete the Praxis® Subject Assessment for endorsement in Professional School Counselor (5421) prior to graduation. This assessment must be completed for each endorsement application (i.e., should you apply at the PK-8 endorsement level and plan to return for another endorsement at the 7-12 endorsement level later, you will be required to retake the Professional School Counselor (5421) Exam upon completion of the second endorsement). It is highly recommended that students study for the exam; Follow this link to find an ETS study guide. Further information on school counselor endorsement may be obtained from the Chadron State College Certification Officer Ms. LaWayne Zeller, at 308-432-6032.  

  • To assist you with this process, please see the Graduate Degree Progress Checklist found in your Graduate Counseling Handbook.
  • All graduate programs are under the auspices of Chadron State College Graduate Studies. It is the responsibility of students to become familiar with the policies and regulations of Graduate Studies. For this reason, students are required to access the Chadron State College Graduate Catalog.