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CSC Identity Standards

A Consistent Identity

The Identity Standards are intended to provide guidance for graphic designers and writers as they create documents and other materials for Chadron State College’s promotional and communication efforts. The institution’s goal in communicating with external audiences is to clearly deliver a message in an appealing manner while conveying a consistent identity.

The concept of identity standards has become a time-honored method of marketing and public relations. The most successful institutions, including Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities, have strengthened their image by maintaining a set of guidelines that represent and foster a cohesive unit.

Members of the Chadron State community take pride in the institution’s image and are grateful to those who work to maintain a high standard of communications and marketing.

The Identity Standards covers proper use of colors, fonts, logos and subsidiary marks associated with Chadron State. Below are examples of each CSC Eagle logo variation available for use in a variety of media.


Chadron State College’s primary font is Myriad Pro, which is recommended for use as the largest and most dominant typography in college documents. The college’s primary text body font is Garamond. The primary font for CSC athletics is Play. Secondary fonts that are also acceptable for use in CSC documents are Helvetica, Arial, Calibri, Minion, Times New Roman, Georgia and Cambria. To avoid the risk of producing a cluttered document, use Myriad Pro for heads, subheads, captions and tabular material, and Garamond for body text. Users may contact College Relations to discuss using other fonts in a document. To obtain the primary CSC fonts, users may contact the Department of Information Technology Services (IT).

Writing Guidelines

When writing for Chadron State’s external audiences, individuals are expected to follow guidelines of the “Associated Press Stylebook.” The college adheres to the AP’s manual because its guidelines have become a standard for producing copy that is comprehensible by readers with various degrees of education and reading skills. Most entries in the AP Stylebook are similar to those found in other respected style reference guides.

Communication from Chadron State has the potential to be viewed by many constituencies: students, potential students, alumni, employees, media representatives, students’ parents and potential donors, to name a few. Documents that employ AP style will be consistent in a number of ways, including abbreviations of states and months and the usage of acronyms. The “Associated Press Stylebook” is available at, and through numerous retail outlets, including the Eagle Pride Bookstore in the Student Center.

Referencing Chadron State College

When writing about Chadron State College, it is recommended to use the institution’s full name, “Chadron State College,” on first reference. Following references may refer to the institution as “Chadron State” or “CSC.” In advertising and informal copy, the college’s website may be referred to using the shorthand “” phrase.

Web Design and Content

College Relations, in association with Information Technology Services, is charged with oversight of material published at Chadron State’s official site on the World Wide Web,, and its subordinate files. Individuals who want to be involved with the development of pages on Chadron State’s site may contact IT after obtaining approval from a supervisor.

The official website of CSC’s athletic program,, is the primary Internet presence for all of CSC’s athletic programs. The Sports Information Director acts as the webmaster of the athletic website to provide the public and media with current information regarding men’s and women’s varsity athletic programs and to generate support and fanfare.

The rules of Chadron State’s Identity Standards apply to digital files, just as they do to those in print.

College Relations: Striving to Ensure Equality

A number of resources are available both internally and externally to help Chadron State employees create professional-quality promotional materials and communications. College Relations staff members are available to help in the production of quality documents from start to finish, and academic departments offer courses in subjects related to design and writing. Of course, a wide range of resource materials are available in print and online to help ensure quality and success. Designers seeking assistance or suggested reference materials may contact College Relations at 308-432-6212. The department’s offices are on the main level of Sparks Hall, the third floor of Crites Hall, and the Print Shop in the Burkhiser Complex.

Chadron State College Logos and Logo Usage

To obtain copies of the CSC logos for use in printed, electronic and other materials, please contact any of the College Relations staff. You may be asked to provide information about your intended use, and provide proof copies of the material for review prior to publication. The CSC logos must be reproduced in accordance with this Identity Standards Guide.

The primary identifying mark for CSC is the Chadron State College Eagle logo. This logo serves as a dynamic brand that showcases CSC’s excellence in academics, athletics and service. An alternate mark, the Chadron State College Wordmark logo, is also available for use.

Consistent and prominent use of an institution’s logo is a vital factor in developing brand identity. Following is information about the acceptable use of Chadron State College’s logos and other marks related to the institution.

The Chadron State College Eagle logo (Fig. 1) is designed to appear in all college documents produced for an external audience. The Chadron State College Wordmark logo (Fig. 2) is also available.

The Chadron State College official seal (Fig. 3) may be placed in documents of a formal or ceremonial nature, including diplomas and other materials that describe a student’s academic relationship to CSC or in to those that are personnel-related. Those who plan to use the official seal are asked to contact College Relations.

Subsidiary Marks and Logos

Subsidiary marks may be used to identify a school, department or program within Chadron State College. College personnel may use such marks in addition to the CSC Eagle logo upon approval by College Relations and review by Cabinet.

CSC Eagle Logo Colors

The Chadron State College Eagle logo uses black, cardinal, gray and white, and may be reproduced in full color, grayscale, solid black, solid cardinal or solid white. The Chadron State College Wordmark logo may be reproduced in solid black, solid cardinal or solid white. CSC logos may not be reproduced in other colors, particularly in silver or green. Following are the values used to create the official CSC colors.

Black Cardinal
(printed material)
(electronic material)
Gray White
0, 0, 0
102, 0, 51
217, 217, 217
255, 255, 255
0, 0, 0, 100%
0, 100, 36, 37%
0, 0, 0, 15%
0, 0, 0, 0%
0º, 0, 0%
330º, 100, 40%
0º, 0, 85%
0º, 0, 100%

Notes on Reproducing CSC Colors

Different cardinal colors are used for print and electronic materials, because of the way print and electronics differ in their display of color. Printed materials include traditional paper products, screen-printed objects, textiles and others. Electronic materials include websites, presentations such as PowerPoint, video and others.

Pantone colors will provide consistent reproduction, although they are not required for good reproduction. For example, to reduce printing costs, it is recommended to specify Pantone 208 for consistent reproduction of CSC cardinal, and then use CMYK colors for the remaining colors.

Correct and consistent color reproduction can be a complicated process. The College Relations designers can provide recommendations and guidance on correctly reproducing colors.

Logo Color Variations and Guidelines

There are several variations of the CSC Eagle logo available. The full-color version, which consists of black, cardinal, gray and white, is used when a full range of colors is available for reproduction. The single color “solid” versions are intended for use where a single shade is needed for reproduction. Black-and-white versions are intended for use in grayscale reproductions, such as black-and-white newsprint. Please see the specimen charts in this guide for examples of each CSC Eagle logo variation.

When preparing color documents, designers often print a test page to confirm the colors appear correctly on paper. Be careful about filling a document with many different colors; a limited set of colors will probably deliver the message more clearly.

CSC Mark Variations

In addition to the standalone Chadron State College Eagle logo, three wordmark styles are available. The styles are Portrait, Landscape and Block. These styles should not be altered.

The CSC 1911 Mark is a secondary mark that can be used to denote the tradition and history of the college. This secondary mark should not replace the use of the official CSC Eagle Logo, but can be used to accompany it in materials. These styles should not be altered.

The CSC Script Mark is a secondary mark that can be used to promote the excitement of the experiences at the college. This secondary mark should not replace the use of the official CSC Eagle Logo, but can be used to accompany it in materials. These styles should not be altered.

Registered Trademark Symbol

The registered trademark ® symbol must accompany the Chadron State College logos, and is included in all versions distributed by College Relations. Versions with white and black ® symbols are available for easy visibility on light and dark surfaces.

The file names for each logo contain “WhiteR” or “BlackR” to differentiate between the two versions. Versions of the logo containing the word “Solid” use one color throughout, including the ® symbol.

Logo Clear Space and Size

Example clear space around the CSC Eagle logo

The Chadron State College institutional marks should stand clear of other elements when used as an identifying mark in a document. No elements should overlap or obscure the logo. At print sizes of 1-inch or larger, a minimum of 1/6-inch clear space should appear around the mark. Marks should appear large enough to be easily identifiable.

Past Logos

Past logo samples

A number of previous logos and other images have been used both officially and unofficially to identify Chadron State College since its founding in 1911. These marks are to be used only in a historical context that clearly defines the images’ past relationship to the institution.

Affiliated Institutions

Chadron State College employees often create documents in which logos and marks of affiliated institutions and organizations warrant placement. Please give consideration to Chadron State’s brand and the standards of the referenced institutions when placing such graphics.

For instance, the Nebraska State College System, the governing body of Chadron, Peru and Wayne state colleges, requires that its logo appear on all documents of its institutions. The placement of this mark, however, should not compete for prominence with the Chadron State College Eagle logo on documents designed for CSC.

If supplying a CSC Eagle logo for use by an affiliated organization, please ensure that CSC’s Identity Standards are not violated. In addition, many affiliated organizations, such as the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Higher Learning Commission, adhere to a set of identity standards that should be considered when referring to their organizations. Failure to follow these standards may jeopardize CSC’s relationship with a given organization.

Other Promotional Materials

Chadron State College’s official marks are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and are not to be used on merchandise, promotional items and other objects without consent of the institution. Generally, Chadron State encourages the use of its logos on promotional materials such as T-shirts, coffee mugs and writing utensils. However, all applicable rules of CSC’s Identity Standards are to be followed and College Relations reserves the right to refuse the usage of the official logos on materials of any nature.

Licensing Chadron State College Logos

For information about licensing the Chadron State College logos, please contact College Relations at 308-432-6213.

Letterhead and Business Cards

Another valuable component of Chadron State College’s effort to develop and foster a consistent identity is the use of standard business cards and stationery. Official letterhead and business cards are available at the Print Shop in the Burkhiser Complex. Letterhead that includes an approved secondary mark is available; secondary marks should appear in the upper-right corner of the text body.

Correct and Incorrect Logo Use

When using the Chadron State College logos as identifying marks for the institution, it is important to keep the marks legible. Pictured are some examples of incorrect logo use. See the specimen section in this guide for examples of correct use of the Chadron State College logos. If you are unsure if your use of a CSC logo is correct, please contact College Relations.

Chadron State College Logo Specimens

These specimen displays show the screen versions of the CSC Eagle and Wordmark logos. Versions for use in print media are also available.

CSC Eagle logo specimens in full color, black and white, and single colorChadron State College Eagle logo specimens.

CSC Wordmark logo specimens in cardinal, black and whiteChadron State College Wordmark logo specimens.

CSC Eagle logo Landscape wordmark specimens in full color, black and white, and single colorChadron State College Eagle logo Landscape wordmark specimens.

CSC Eagle logo Portrait wordmark specimens in full color, black and white, and single colorChadron State College Eagle logo Portrait wordmark specimens.

CSC Eagle logo Block wordmark specimens in full color, black and white, and single colorChadron State College Eagle logo Block wordmark specimens.