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How to Write Winning Resumes

Keep it brief. Try to limit to one page, however, there are cases when resumes must be longer. Use bullet points to be succinct.

Use keywords or action verbs when describing your work experience. For example, “Supervised a staff of ten part-time employees,” or “Developed and coordinated editorial and art production schedules.”

Format your Resume. Use underlining, capitalization, boldfacing to help organize your resume and give it “eye appeal.”

Proofread. Utilize the spell check feature on your computer AND have friends read your resume to catch any errors you or the spell checker may have missed. One misspelled word can cause your paperwork to go into the “undesirable” pile.

Revise. Rewrite your resume as necessary depending on the type of job for which you are applying.

Above all, make sure your resume has a “balanced” look when printed. Is it easy to find information on your resume? Is it too wordy? Remember resumes must have no misspellings, be grammatically correct, and be short and to the point.