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15 Ways to Blow an Interview

  1. Know little or nothing about the employer.
  2. Have a negative attitude.
  3. Have poor communication skills.
  4. Use rambling answers that don't address the question.
  5. Display inappropriate behavior (e.g., smoking, chewing gum, tapping your foot).
  6. Fail to make eye contact.
  7. Fail to ask questions.
  8. Dress inappropriately.
  9. Be passive; don't sell yourself.
  10. Show up late to the interview.
  11. Lack proper career planning; have ill-defined goals and purposes.
  12. Appear bored with the organization or the industry.
  13. Show no enthusiasm and be indifferent.
  14. Be overbearing, over aggressive or conceited.
  15. Be interested only in the best dollar offer.

Information used by permission from Indiana University-Southeast.