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The Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is to support CSC students with behavioral and/or mental health issues. The BIT is also charged with upholding institutional policies and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our college community. BIT is not meant to take the place of standard classroom management techniques used by faculty. Nor does the implementation of this team alter any existing discipline policies. Rather, BIT centralizes the reporting of worrisome student behavior, publicizes current college intervention procedure and strives to facilitate early involvement in student troubles.

After weekly review of student reports and referrals, Behavior Intervention Team members consider possible actions to support and encourage students. Actions may include meeting with a student, referring students to CSC and community resources, and imposing disciplinary sanctions in cases of policy violations. These and other steps are taken in an effort to aid student’s personal and academic success as well as ensure campus security and CSC policies.

Goals of the Behavior Intervention Team include

  • Act as a resource for students, faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Provide a method for CSC faculty and staff to make referrals for concerning students
  • Provide resources and support to students in an effort to promote success and wellbeing
  • Publicize current CSC and board policy regarding student conduct
  • Strive to help maintain a healthy and safe campus environment

For questions or more information regarding the BIT or referring a student to the BIT, contact Dr. Pat A. Beu at or call 308-432-6280.

Team Members

Name Title
Dr. Pat A. Beu Senior Director of Student Affairs
Deena Kennell Director, Career & Academic Planning Services
Jerry Cassidy Licensed Student Counselor
Austen Stephens Director, Housing
Sonja Dressel Strive Licensed Student Counselor
Robin Bila Licensed Student Counselor
Tamara Toomey Director of Transitional Studies