Chadron State College
Chadron State College

Vision and Mission 2003-2011

Three children at the child development center

I. Vision:

CSC Child Development Center aspires to be a premiere Laboratory that serves the educational needs of academic programs and service needs of students and staff at Chadron State College.

II. Mission:

The Laboratory meets the academic needs of students for experiential educational learning. Students pursuing baccalaureate degrees from three separate and unique programs (Family and Consumer Sciences,Education and Special Education) utilize the Laboratory to complete course requirements.

III. Description:

The primary function of the Laboratory is to serve as a support to the academic preparation of students at Chadron State College. The Laboratory also serves as an outreach to the community and area by providing high quality child care to families with young children, field placement for middle and high school students in addition to Job Corp and the Alliance Practical Nursing program, and a site for volunteerism for senior citizens and alumni.

IV. Purpose:

The purpose of the CSC Child Development Center Laboratory is three-fold:

  1. To provide undergraduate and graduate students educational opportunities that support practical reasoning, critical thinking and application of knowledge base information in a realistic setting,
  2. To provide families with young children between the ages of 2 and 9 high quality, developmentally appropriate, active learning and naturally inclusive early childhood experiences that support individualized learning and development.
  3. To provide an environment for students to conduct applied research under the supervision of qualified faculty.

V. Objectives:

  • Institutional Community:
    • Constantly strive for an atmostphere of mutual support and respect among faculty, staff, families and children
    • Recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual
  • Public Relations:
    • Create a positive relationship between the Laboratory, FCS program, College, and local and regional communities
    • Create a strong image and positive awareness for the mission of the Laboratory
  • Regional Service:
    • Recognize, assess, and provide for the differing needs of students, families and children
    • Assume a leadership role in promoting high quality early learning
  • Resources and Facilities:
    • Focus resources on defined priorities and productive activities
    • Maintain modern, safe, accessible, and functional facilities that meet the program needs and expectations of future educators
    • Generate new sources of public, private, and internal funding
  • Teaching and Learning:
    • Provide students with a broad range of flexible and creative alternative learning opportunities through active learning, natural and inclusive environment
    • Review and modify curriculum to reflect desired student learning outcomes
    • Introduce and promote global awareness, multicultural perspectives and regional relevance
    • Expose students to and develop an understanding of diversity and multicultural perspectives
    • Provide innovative and supportive learning opportunities for students at all levels of competency
    • Develop skills for accessing information and evaluating individual development through natural, inclusive settings
    • Integrate acquisition, discovery, and application of knowledge and experimental learning to develop students' higher-level learning and applied skills
    • Merge creative teaching and learning principles with authentic application and assessment experiences

Note: Objectives are in alignment with the 2003-2011 Institutional Vision for Chadron State College, 2004 document.