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Applied Sciences Department

Colorado Community College System students and advisors please check the current Chadron State College catalog for further information about all requirements of and electives in degree programs. Some courses needed for certain programs may transfer but be found in a more appropriate section of this guide. Questions about the courses in this department may be directed to The Dean, Dr. Joel Hyer.

Please note that only courses with a grade of “C” or above will be accepted as transfer credit.

The teacher education program has special requirements for enrollment and graduation.

Agriculture, Family and Consumer Sciences

CSC Course # CSC Course Title Credit Hours CCCS Course # CCCS Course Title Credit Hours
AGRI 132 Introduction to Animal Science 3 ASC 100 Animal Sciences 3
AGRI 141 Introduction to Plant Science 3 HLT 100 Horticulture Science 4
AGRI 242 Principles of Range and Forage Crop Management (lab not included and must be taken at CSC) 3 RAM 205 Principles of Range Management 3
AGRI 245 & 245L Principles of Soil Science and Lab 3 & 1 AGY 240 Introductory Soil Science 4
AGRI 331 Farm and Ranch Management 3 AGE 205 Farm and Ranch Management 3
AGRI 333 and 333L Beef Production and Lab 3 & 1 AGP 241 and AGP 242 Beef Cattle Management I and Beef Cattle Management II

3 & 3

AGRI 336 Sheep Production 3 AGP 235 Sheep Production 3
AGRI 337 Applied Animal Nutrition 3 ASC 225 Feeds & Feeding 4
AGRI 338 Livestock Evaluation 3 ASC 115 and ASC 250 Introduction to Livestock Evaluation and Live Animal & Carcass Evaluation 1 & 3
AGRI 340 Computer Applications in Agriculture 3 AGB 218 Computerized Farm Records 3
FCS 139 Child Growth and Development 3 ECE 238 Child Growth and Development 4
FCS 237 Guidance Techniques in Human Relations 3 ECE 103 Guidance Strategies for Children 3
FCS 238 Prenatal and Infant Development 3 ECE 111 Infant/Toddler Theory/Practice 3
FCS 239 Partners in Early Childhood Education 3 ECE 256 Working with Parents, Families, & Community Systems 3
FCS 321a Curriculum Development in Family and Consumer Sciences Education for Preschool Programs 2 ECE 220 Curriculum Development: Method and Techniques 3

Updated February 2013

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